How to Communicate with a Female Psychopath

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Understanding The Female Psychopath

The female psychopath is an expert in manipulation, and she depends on other people who enable her to exploit victims well avoiding blame.

She may use charm, seductive looks, slyness, or anything else to reach her goal, and that is to be in control and to control others.

The female psychopath can radiate enthusiasm that draws the enabler closer. She manipulates others to convenience herself. She starts by telling stories which begins the process of manipulation, and people around her feel grateful to hear them. She gradually grooms those enablers.

Enabler’s Role in Victimization

The psychopathy researcher Iva Embley says, “Psychopaths can groom the enabler to allow behaviours we wouldn’t tolerate. Unfortunately, most enablers aren’t aware of supporting the psychopath’s destructive and dysfunctional conduct. Psychopaths might have a harder time to carry through with their exploitations and manipulations if they weren’t being enabled.”

the female manipulator

Female Psychopaths Groom Enablers

There are a lot of reasons why people enable the female psychopath. She is skillful at utilizing flattery as manipulation and knows how to make individuals feel special.

To guarantee her loyalty, the psychopath’s appeal might include gift-giving. However, they are unexpected gifts that represent nothing special to the female psychopath. She might give things that don’t even belong to her.

She may have exciting promises, such as money or valuable contacts with those she supposedly knows. But, as she gives false hope, the manipulation is captivating as she works perniciously. The enabler enables the predation of the psychopath in many ways.

How Enablers Aid Female Psychopaths

The psychopath will use enablers to help abuse others. However, if recruited as enablers, they will unintentionally trigger others to be mistreated by her schemes.

The enabler may vouch for the psychopath to be her potential target. They may justify the behaviour of the psychopath as they believe they understand her.

They might even defend her after she mistreats other people she wishes to destroy. They have been fooled and may even believe they did the right thing.

Ways to Avoid Becoming an Enabler 

  • Though the psychopath tells stories, she hasn’t let you know she plans to dupe someone and only uses them as a pawn. Be cautious of confidentiality. 
  • The female psychopath will charm you into taking her side. Do not be involved in another person’s defence. You probably won’t know the entire story, and it could be used to damage someone else.
  • Be cautious of how she gains your pity and always has bad luck. For example, she may try and look tired, making herself look unattractive. Please don’t fall for this, mainly when her environment tells you otherwise.
  • Do not be too fast to make excuses for her. You may find lies, inconsistencies, or fraud. She might use you as a cover.
  • Be sure always to question yourself. Identify the female psychopath’s behaviour and how it affects you.

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