How to Get Over Procrastination

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When you are thinking about procrastinating over something, here are some helpful techniques:

Find Value Before Procrastination

Occasionally, a helpful reminder is doing the thing you are procrastinating about makes sense with what you value: yourself, your significant other, family members, employees, employers, and society. Or you could be more motivated by raising a negative value like the fear of getting in trouble with your spouse, boss, or perhaps the government.

Pomodoro Technique 

One way to get motivated is to say, “What is my first quick, simple task?” Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, try the Pomodoro Technique.

Set a timer to Stop Procrastination 

Avoid using the timer on your phone or watch. Instead, try an actual egg timer or a timer that gets away from modern-day technology, as the ticks from the egg timer can be motivating. It is similar to what filmmakers do to keep you watching on the edge of your seats, such as the ticking time bomb or clock.

Reward System

What is motivating to you? For example, “After I’m finished, I’ll play a game on the internet and get a snack.”

Finding Punishment for Over Procrastination 

For example, “If I can’t finish this task, I’ll give my brother $5.”

Support System for Procrastination

You may be inspired by letting someone down or fear of embarrassment. It would be very beneficial to do this with a friend. For example, every time you complete a task or fail one at doing it on time, you will text that to them.

Write it Down

It often helps to write out your task step-by-step. For example, you can write out an outline visually and write out small steps to complete the job. Goals go a long way.

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