5 Things You Should Not Do to Your Feline

Cats make great pets, and cat owners will do anything for their feline as they know cats deserve to be happy. Although there still seems to be some misunderstandings about what cats need.

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The following are 5 things you should avoid doing to your feline.

  1. Do not neglect vet appointments for your pet Felines get brought to the vet half as often as dogs do, and according to AAHA, it is because some think their cat does not need extra care—but they are good at hiding signs of illness and pain. If the cat is stressed about vet visits, you can have them trained to travel in their carrier.
  2. Do not make a loud noise or squirt water at your feline to try and stop them from doing something. If it does work, it is because it is uncomfortable for your cat, and cats find it stressful. Unfortunately, cats might link that to you rather than your intentions, which can negatively affect your relationship. In its place, see things from the cat’s perspective and find a solution to resolve the problem. Training, a better environment, and more enrichment might all be part of the solution.
  3. Try to prevent your cat from getting bored. You have to keep them busy by giving them things to do, mainly if it is an indoors-only cat. You should have a variety of toys for individual play and take time to play with your cat daily. Some fun activities include training your cat with positive reinforcements and scent games like nose work for cats.
  4. Do not just put food in your cat’s bowl in the morning and leave it full all day. According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, felines do much better with several small meals daily. Instead, try food puzzle toys, and changing where you put the food can help your feline engage in normal hunting and foraging. Make food puzzle toys easy and friendly to begin with, and only make small changes to the location as your cat gets used to it. You will find lots of ideas in cat food puzzles.
  5. Do not declaw your If you live in an area where this is still allowed, do not do it. “Declaw” is a procedure that involves amputating the cat’s toes, which is a painful surgery it can also lead to health issues. “Cats’ paws need their claws,” says The Paw Project says. Declawing is banned in places including Canadian provinces like Alberta, BC, and Nova Scotia and countries like Australia, England, and New Zealand.

If you have made any of these mistakes before with your feline, view them as a learning opportunity.

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