According to Science, The 3 Types of Female Orgasms

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A study has identified three types of female orgasms using data collected from a “biofeedback vibrator.” Allowing participants to use a Bluetooth-connected “Lioness” dildo, scientists can classify female orgasms into three different types: the avalanche, the volcano, and the wave.

The company Lioness, which manufactures vibrators, identified these female orgasms in 2017. Although, the new research which was published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine confirms these claims.

This small study asked 55 women who had used the vibrator to consent for their masturbation data to be collected through masturbation conditions and the “control” conditions where the dildo had been inserted. Still, no self-stimulation took place.

The research team wrote in their study, “For orgasm circumstances, women were told to self-stimulate until one orgasm and then to turn the unit off for two minutes after orgasm was achieved. This would allow a blind rater to figure out when orgasms happened in the outputs and observe what type of change in pelvic contractions followed and preceded each orgasm.”

This sex toy has sensors for pressure detection, a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and instruments to measure temperature. All get transmitted to a single server through Bluetooth. This data that is collected displays the three types of female orgasms described previously by Lioness:

“A ‘wave’ (is a short surge of pelvic contractions which were followed up by an attuning rhythm of pelvic tension and then released), a ‘volcano’ (is an orgasm followed by rising pelvic tensions), and finally an ‘avalanche’ (is higher pelvic basal contractions preserved amongst self-stimulation, with a downward contraction during the orgasm and after).”

User-gathered descriptions of the different types of female orgasms were gathered by Lioness, which was in greater detail. The “volcano” orgasm was described as “every muscle in the body tenses up as the pleasure intensifies greatly, followed by a massive release.” The “avalanche” feels like “my body begins shaking, followed by me exploding into an orgasm.”

The wave is the most common type of female orgasm (26 out of 55), which was followed by the avalanche (17 out of 55), and finally, the volcano (11 out of 54). According to Lioness, the data displays that women experience only one type of orgasm.

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