Dust Mite Extract: The New Eczema Treatment

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There is no prediction of when eczema will flare up, an inflammatory disease. As of now, some of the best relief is to use various types of prescription and regular lotions on dry, cracked, itchy skin.

Due to an adequate clinical trial, eczema sufferers can now have a much better treatment. But unfortunately, it will come at the cost of drinking an extract from dust mites for several months.

An Allergy Could Also Be a Cure

The study relied on the therapy approach developed over a century ago. Leonard Noon, a pathologist from England in 1911, was looking into why seasonal allergies go away for some people.

He had determined that the allergies were caused by pollen, an allergen. He believed these people developed anti-allergen molecules, which can happen after being repeatedly exposed to the allergen.

Noon did experiments on people dealing with seasonal allergies. First, he would inject low doses of pollen into the volunteers. Then, over a month, he would slowly increase the amount. The same thing could be similar to eczema.

It eventually led to the pollen no longer causing an allergic reaction by the end of the study. As a result, the volunteers’ seasonal allergies were remarkably cured!

Injected-Allergen Immunotherapy – Eczema 

Over the last 100 years, researchers have advanced Noon’s therapy strategy, known as injected-allergen immunotherapy.

It has effectively prevented many allergic conditions, such as those produced by dust mite allergens like conjunctivitis and asthma. However, this type of treatment isn’t an actual eczema treatment, which may trigger dust mites.

When scientists created the recent study, they strayed from Noon’s strategy: the volunteers had put a couple of drops on their tongue of dust mite extract rather than receiving injections.

Over the last 20 years, this type of administration has been increasing. Studies have proven it to be as effective as an injection. It is also simpler for people to self-administer a couple of drops to their tongue instead of a doctor’s visit to get an infusion three times per week.

Instead of Injecting – Drink It!

Applying a few drops of dust mite extract under your tongue sounds disgusting, don’t stress. It’s not anywhere near as bad as it may sound. If it cures your eczema, it could be worth it.

Dust mite juice results from the liquid bits from the mashed-up dust mites. These solid dust mite bits are then removed through centrifugation. It makes it more of a dust mite juice than a dust mite smoothie.

After a year and a half of treatment, volunteers who received the dust mite juice experienced an impressive 56% improvement (in comparison to the 35% increase through the placebo group). In addition, their eczema symptoms would almost entirely disappear in some people.

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