NASA is Going ‘Full Force’ Investigating UAPs

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NASA once again confirmed their commitment to looking into unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or UAPs at a recent town hall meeting held by NASA’s Science Mission Directorate (SMD).

This meeting was followed up by a recent announcement of a NASA-funded study to look into objects in the sky that no human or natural phenomena can explain. The sightings, also named unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), have created enormous public interest. However, it also raises national security and air safety concerns, warning NASA to dive deeper into this topic.

“We are going to go full force” on this UAP study, explained Daniel Evans, the deputy administrator for research for SMD, during the town hall meeting, reports “It is essential to us, and we are putting a high priority on it.”

The study is being led by David Spergel, the president of the Simons Foundation, who is working with “some of the best leading researchers, data practitioners, aerospace safety experts, AI practitioners, all with a specific goal, it will tell us how to use the power of science and data to find out about UAPs,” Evans said.

The researchers will be selected by NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate during a consultation with Congressional stakeholders and the United States Department of Defense, according to a PowerPoint presentation from the town hall meeting.

“This study will look at available data, how to best collect data in the future, and how NASA uses that data to push the scientific understanding of UAPs forward,” said the slide. It also shows a picture of Senator Bill Nelson, the NASA administrator, and Honorable Ronald Moultrie, the Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, during a UAP meeting.

NASA claims there isn’t any evidence that UAPs are alien visitors, but the phenomena are strange even if it is from Earth. For example, NASA has discussed “extreme acceleration” in UAPs, and other fascinating topics, according to a recently released Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

In addition to the UAP study, the town hall covered convincing data from the James Webb Space Telescope and the soon-to-be-launched Artemis 1, the first test flight of NASA’s Space Launch System rocket.

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