Expect a New Wave of Serial Killers

The Zodiac Killer
The Zodiac Killer

The golden age of serial killers started in 1970 and would last until 1999. Many would become famous for the worst reasons giving Hollywood-like status to people like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, The Golden State Killer, the unsolved Zodiac Killer and many more. Statistically, the average serial killer will kill for the first time at 28-years-old, but they began to fantasize as early as five. The age range for fantasy thinking is between 5 and 14 years old. The Golden age was a generation that gave birth to 82 percent of serial killers in America in the 20th century.

The Golden Age of serial killers are people who primarily grew up in the 1940s and 50s. To understand what gave rise to so many serial killers, it’s essential to see the culture they were being brought up in, their environment, and who their dads were.

Two horrific events caused many environmental issues for many people, such as the Great Depression, which took away a lot of jobs. World War II traumatized a generation of fathers, which caused many broken families. There was also a culture that gave rise to what the feminists would call “rape culture.” The great depression causes were due to the 1929 great depression.

You can also find similarities of these causes in other periods, like the serial killers in the later 19th century with people like Jack the Ripper.

Ted Bundy and Charles Manson
Ted Bundy and Charles Manson

In most recent years, there has been a decline in homicides and serial killings. Now that there has been war continually going on since September 11, 2001, not only have the fathers been fighting these wars, but the mothers have been as well. The devastating market crash of 2008 left millions of families broke and broken. Many people are going bankrupt, forced out of their homes, and many live-in motels and hotel rooms. Mental health issues across the board rose exponentially. With Covid isolating people worldwide, leaving many businesses and people bankrupt, it’s the perfect storm for the subsequent rise in serial killing psychopaths.

In the next 15 to 20 years, the generation of children growing up in these conditions will be 28 years old, and to follow the patterns of history which lead to the first wave of serial killers, this is the perfect storm to start the next wave of killers. Of course, people don’t just become serial killers, and doctors know that behavioural issues found in adults almost always stem from traumas in childhood. Whether the person robs people, becomes serial killers, and or drug users is a result of a broken home that produces broken children who grow up to be broken adults. Trauma in childhood affects everyone differently with similar symptoms. Trauma in childhood affects adulthood.

Female Serial Killers
Female Serial Killers

To reduce this new wave of serial killers coming up is to, of course, reduce the trauma these children may be exposed to. Environmental stability, good parenting, happy childhoods, and empathy dramatically reduce the chances of trauma in children. The ones who have a rough upbringing are the ones who are most likely to be the violent and less empathetic type. It doesn’t mean those violent kids will become killers.

Serial killers are people. They are our neighbours, our schoolteachers, parents, husbands, wives, serial killers are you and me. They grow up in a poor environment in broken homes, most likely with abusive parents. We can minimize the new wave of serial killers to show your children empathy and happiness and keep as stable and like home as possible, and counselling is your friend.

John Wayne Gacy Picture
John Wayne Gacy Picture




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