Psilocybin Files: Psilocybin Therapy for Alcoholism Part IV

Rick and Morty Picture
Rick and Morty Picture

I looked around at who was at the fire, which sat my girlfriend on one side, my girlfriends best friends boyfriend on my left side with his girlfriend beside him, followed by a host of empty chairs and straight across from me was my new buddy who moments early brewed this beautiful tea we were all looking into another dimension in. Beside him was a chick with her dog who was single and by herself sleeping in her jeep it was the first time I met her, but she was excellent. I decided it was time to wonder partially into the Forrest a soft grassy spot with a tree as my pillow; as I looked up at the universe, I put my intentions in for the mushroom trip, which was:

What does the universe and or God want me to learn?

What can I do to improve my book?

Should I start up my website again?

And how can I do the best I possibly can this year in school and the coming years?

Magic Mushrooms Picture
Magic Mushrooms Picture

I did a mini-meditation practice, got up, and went for a walk around our camping surroundings’ outskirts. I kept noticing these bear warning signs posted throughout the camp and decided to play it safe by not going too far into the thick bush. I soon went back to my spot at the fire as I figured it was probably safest, and my trip was becoming much more intense. As I sat down, I quickly noticed my girlfriend and her best friend, and her boyfriend was gone. As I wondered where they were her, the boyfriend appeared like a David Copperfield trick. He then came and sat down back beside me with an intensity I felt as he was walking up. I thought to myself that it was odd that out of the 12 plus empty chairs around the fire, he decided to come to sit back beside me. He sat down as he was cursing to himself, and I think I overheard him say something along the lines of “things are not going to end well.”

My girlfriend and her best friend came and sat down about a minute or two after the boyfriend decided to come to creep down beside me. The boyfriend’s girlfriend said, “why didn’t you take off your boots in his trailer.” Just before they came back, they were with the older people who came later that day in their little corner in the back. The guy whose trailer they all just got back from was coming up to the fire. He had an entourage of about 5 people. As he was walking up, he said in a loud voice and dark tone, “why didn’t you take his dirty boots off.” To which the girlfriend’s best friend’s boyfriend said, “Fuck you!” He then quickly stood up and went towards him; after a small exchange of more friendly words, I was right beside them that was now amongst a small crowd of people. It was like slow motion when I watched the fist clench. It went back with a quick force and…

Magic Mushrooms Picture
Magic Mushrooms Picture

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcohol consumption by country

To be continued…

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