End-of-life Planning App Helps You Prepare for Death

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Planning your end-of-life can easily take control of your death, making it more straightforward for loved ones to focus on grieving, not logical tasks after you pass. Although planning can seem overwhelming, scary, and daunting — that is where this new app comes in.

The End-of-Life App

The concept of death can be scary. Although we all know death will happen one day, that does not make death easier to think about — and many try not to think or talk about it.

That may help people cope with death, and it can put loved ones in a horrible situation right after a passing — they are dealing with funeral planning, life insurance, and more when emotions are running high.

The App Idea 

The app guides people through the end-of-life planning process, helping people get all of their affairs in order so that people who leave behind can concentrate on grieving.

After signing up for the app, you will be allowed to upload vital documents (banking information, a will, etc.) to a secure cloud vault.

You will also be able to leave special instructions — like what type of funeral you want or who should get to take care of your pets and how — and create a video, audio, text, and audio messages sent to specific family and friends after your passing.

Once everything is ready to go, you will select one or more “sidekicks” for your death account. These specific sidekicks will be responsible for letting the app know of your death, and once it is confirmed, the app called Bereev will grant them access to detailed instructions and documents you want them to have.

This app has a free and a paid version option to create more messages, elect more sidekicks, and can store more documents.

End-of-Life Planning Apps

End-of-life planning apps are a growing technology space — along with Bereev. Other startups help create a will to confirm your Netflix subscription is cancelled after you die.

When the end-of-life app isn’t enough, many tech companies also offer person-to-person support through phone or text to help with the process.

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