The Best Mental Health Therapy Apps

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The Best Mental Health Therapy Apps


Cost: Varies depending on the plan iOs and Android

Talkspace is a therapy app that links you with an extensive network of mental health specialists.

As a result, mental health doctors can properly diagnose you and treat various conditions on this mental health app.

In addition, Talkspace therapy gives the user many ways to talk to a therapist, such as a video, phone calls, text messaging and other forms of communication.

Conversations are private and are kept between you and your doctors.


Costs: Free on iOS and Android, and plans start at $40/weekly.

BetterHelp mental health app gives the user weekly live sessions with licensed professionals for various conditions and needs.

In addition, there are many ways to connect with your therapists, such as text messages, videos, and voice messages to your doctor for 24-hour communication. Group therapy is also available and is one of the best types of treatment.


Cost: Free for iOS and Android

Moodfit is a therapy app similar to an exercise app to treat mental health.

It keeps track of your daily mood charts.

The app notifies you to take your medication and tracks how the medication affects you.

It also helps you track your activities and tracks your daily progress.

It helps you set goals and enables you to find ways to meet those goals.


Cost: $4.99 iOS

Moodkit is a therapy app that utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and gives the app users over 200 different activities to improve their mood.

Two registered clinical psychologists developed Moodkit.

This mental health app allows you to learn and develop healthy attitudes and self-awareness, and they educate you on how to change how you think and feel.

Use the app’s journal to keep up on self-care by reflecting on your day and mood, jotting down any distress, anxiety or depressing moments, and writing out how you overcame those moments.


Cost: Free on iOS and Android

MY3 mental health app helps those stay safe as they have suicidal thoughts.

It is accessible on all platforms.

It allows you to customize a personal safety plan by naming your coping tactics and listing your warning signs, and it connects you to resources that help you reach out in times of need.

MY3 runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

With a simple push of a button, they connect you with a trained therapist from the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and an alert to 911.

Furthermore, you can also have three people alerted if you have any thoughts of suicide.

Waking Up

 Cost: $99 for a year on iOs and Android, or if you cannot afford it, send them an email, and you will receive a year subscription free.

Sam Harris guides you daily on 10- or 20-minute mindful meditations on this helpful mental health app.

First, you take his mandatory 20-day course in meditation, and then you graduate to handling the daily meditations.

There are many other options, like guided meditation courses by various meditation teachers.

There are also conversations Sam Harris has with experts about meditation and healthy lifestyle choices, psychedelics, therapy, mental health and many others.

There are also options for the kids as Sam’s wife, Annaka Harris, will guide the children in meditation.

Sam Harris also has a great podcast called Waking Up as well.

The app and podcast are named after his favourite book, Waking Up.

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