Therapy App: Lumenate

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Two people in the United Kingdom invented the therapy app Lumenate, a meditation therapy app that gives you the sensations of the spirit molecule – DMT.

I also like to use Sam Harris’s meditation app and add to Waking up daily.

It is a way to induce a psychedelic-like state of consciousness, all from the comfort of your home and your phone, but all you need is a pitch-black space and your phone.

Therapy App – Lumenate

The therapy app Lumenate hit app stores on March 2nd, 2021.

It uses your phone’s flashlight to create a stroboscopic sequence of light that neurologically guides the person into altering their state of consciousness for a deep meditation psychedelic DMT-like therapy.

Researchers know now, of course, that DMT protects brain cells under stress.

Jay Conlon and Tom Galea invented Lumenate.

They were both attending the University of Liverpool.

Upon graduation, the new friends worked on designing cars for Jaguar Land Rover.

They both left the designing business to pursue their passion for helping people live more fulfilling lives.

Galea and Conlon interviewed hundreds of people from all corners of the globe to better understand the concept of fulfilment.

They decided to explore and research deep into people’s subconsciousness from what they learned.

Lumenate Therapy App for Mental Health

After learning from many psychedelic experts and hundreds of EEG brain-scanning experiments, they developed a researched-based method to use light and sound to guide the user’s brain into the desired state.

When the light is flashed in a certain way, it makes the brain’s neurons react and fire in a synchronized rhythm that carefully guides the brain into a meditative psychedelic state.

Lumenate analysis also showed a reduction in activity in an assortment of brain areas identified as the default mode network, a fundamental transformation witnessed in psychedelic studies and some kinds of meditation.

It works similarly to regular therapy.

The change occurs in a diminished sense of ego and a heightened focus on the present moment.

Conlon and Galea’s vision of making subconscious exploration available for the masses, the app is now available for free download.

Those who find meaning in the experience can unlock the entire catalogue of sessions to satisfy every mood available.

It is available now for a limited time for $6.99 per month or $39.99 for a year subscriptions.

But, of course, you’d pay way more than that for regular therapy, so why not explore the mind in this new type of therapy.

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Lumenate Experiences

Before I unlocked the full version, I tried the free version, which lasted 5 minutes.

So I did it twice, and this is my 5 minute experience the second time:

I enclosed myself into a small dark room with my iPhone’s headphones and the Lamernate app on, and I closed my eyes, turned the phone around, and started exploring the therapy app.

The light show started like a firework display of epilepsy.

Once I found the optimal range at which to hold my phone between my eyes, which was about 2 inches from just above the centre of my eyes, trying to activate the power of my third eye or the pineal gland.

In 2017, Dr. Rick Strassmen showed that rats and mice produce DMT through their pineal gland flooding the brain when they dream and die.

I saw various colours, bright blues, greens, reds, and many bright white and yellow lights.

But then, the colours and awkward patterns started to meld together, and these mini kaleidoscope-looking balls of rainbow colours took over the entire scope of my vision.

I could feel the neuroplasticity building through the therapy app.

Brain cell after brain cell formulates and creates new innovative pathways.

Finally, those mini-balled kaleidoscopes merged, swirling clockwise, then collapsed into themselves, forming a black hole.

Lumenate Imagination Determination 

Then, my consciousness went into the black hole and peaking through the other side was a spiderweb-like pattern made of wire-like material that would produce various colours.

I could see transition run at lightspeed across the web-like ways as it lights up with a slight glow and a vibrating pattern rippled by like mini waves disrupting the spacetime around it.

As I backed away from this pattern, I realized that many little perfect 3D balls looked like raindrops intertwined amongst the wire web. I got close to one of the drops to look inside it.

As I floated closer to it, the bigger it got.

When I was able to look inside, I saw a universe entirely made of a computer program of a parallel universe to our own. Still, this universe people were just a hollow 3D image with many glitches that needed updates for its broken software.

I went away from that bubble universe and into the spiderwebs of electrical wires and realized it held many different universe’s consciousnesses. We all connected telepathically.

Together our soup of consciousness weaved our way through the different dimensions.

Travelling at light speed, which felt normal, I passed many universes and many types of other consciousnesses.

As I was about to approach a different universe bubble, my five minutes was up, then I bought the full version, told my girlfriend about the experience and just wrote it out now so I wouldn’t forget.

It’s just like having therapy.

Scientists are currently working on ways to essentially take out the hallucination effects of psychedelics like psilocybin, LSD and DMT.

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