Binaural Beats Benefits: Results After One Month

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This binaural beat benefits journal is for November 2021. I averaged 2 hours a day to listen between 4-8 Hz during meditation for 10 minutes a day. This is because between 4-8 Hz is the theta wave and is suitable for mediation, amongst other things.

It is essential to understand the five different brain waves in listening to binaural beats and their benefits.

The following is a synopsis of each wave of consciousness.

I used the iPhone app called Binaural.

The Five Brain Waves:

Delta: 1-4 Hz. 

It is the slowest brain wave frequency, and binaural beats benefits include:

  • Deep sleep
  • Stimulates the unconscious mind
  • Anti-ageing properties: reduction cortisol and increased DHEA
  • Healing and pain relief
  • Meditation

Theta: 4-8 Hz. 

Mid-frequency wave and benefits include:

Alpha: 8-14 Hz. 

The focused and productive wave state frequency and benefits include:

  • Increases focus
  • Increase in flow states of consciousness
  • Increase in creativity
  • Helps with learning capabilities
  • Aids in positive thinking

Beta: 14-30 Hz. 

High-frequency wave and binaural beats benefits include:

  • Assists with analytical thinking and problem-solving
  • Increases energy
  • Increases cognition levels
  • Aids in focus

Gamma: 30-100 Hz. 

Highest frequency waves and benefits include:

  • Helps with memory
  • It can significantly increase creativity
  • Natural cognitive-enhancing
  • Acute attention to detail

Side effects of binaural beats are:

  • It may increase depression
  • Some have had bursts of anger, confusion, and anxiety in rare cases.
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I would spend approximately one hour listening to Beta waves and one hour listening to Gamma waves of binaural beats. I would usually listen to the binaural beats during walks, smoking weed, doing outside activities, or well writing.

I noticed waves of creativity with great attention to detail when creating an article on WordPress. My focus was like that of being on Adderall.

As a result, I could better retain the information I was reading and write more words per minute.

Listening to binaural beats app well walking, I would often lose the sense of time and walk 1000 or so more steps than when I wasn’t listening to it.

I would write more creatively and spend more time editing and paying better attention to detail. I would spend longer writing without stopping for about 15 more minutes per writing session. I could write about a half to a full page more than when I wasn’t listening to binaural beats.

Well, meditating and listening to it, I was able to stay more focused in a meditative state. During the full ten-minute meditation, my concentration was much more significant, and I stayed in a meditative state compared to not listening to the binaural beats app.

Well, smoking weed and listening to binaural beats, my thoughts were much more straightforward and crisper with a flood of new and appealing ideas. I came up with many good topics and other writing ideas well under the influence of both weed and binaural beats simultaneously.

Overall, in November, listening to binaural beats for two hours a day, the benefits of the binaural beats included better concentration, better creativity, maintaining more extended focus, writing better and more material, walking or exercising longer, improved imagination and creative thoughts with better material.

In addition, my meditation sessions were more relaxed and focused.

I would recommend it to anybody, especially those with ADHD, depression, PTSD, or anxiety.

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