Binaural Beats Improve Mental Health

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Binaural beats are an illusion made by your brain when you listen to two different tones with somewhat different frequencies at the same time.

Although there is not much research being done for binaural beats.

The suggestion for the frequency-following effect is contradictory and inadequate.

Binaural Beats Improve Mental Health

  • Better sleeping habits
  • Improved mood and reduced anxiety
  • Improve memory, focus, and attention
  • Increased cognitive enhancement
  • Boosts creativity
  • It allows you to enter a meditative brain wave state

The two tones align with brain waves to manufacture a beat with an altered brain wave frequency.

The frequency is the alteration in hertz (Hz) amongst the frequencies of the tones.

E.g., if a person is listening to a 380 Hz tone with your right ear and a 384Hz tone with your left ear, you would hear a 4 Hz tone.

When listening to it, the frequency of the beat is matched by the brain’s activity set by the binaural beats.

This is referred to as the frequency-following effect.

How Does it Work? 

You can utilize it to attune your brain to specific mental states like a meditative state.

The superior olivary complex is found in the brain stem and is the first part of the brain that transports sound into both ears.

The superior olivary complex harmonizes various happenings amongst many brain neurons.

Brain waves change as this complex responds when it picks up two close frequencies and produces a binaural beat.

The synchronization of the neural activities across the brain is called entrainment. Thus, entrainment is a standard brain function.

According to scientists, listening to some binaural beats can increase the strength of brain waves.

It can increase and decrease certain brain waves responsible for feelings and thinking.

Neurons send electrical signals to create behaviours, thoughts, and emotions in the brain. Thus, brain waves are created through the synchronizing of neurons.

Electroencephalography (EEG) is how doctors measure brain waves. This is done by having electrodes put on the scalp to record the electoral signals.

Brain waves range from high frequency to low amplitude and low to high amplitude. These waves are what create binaural beats.

These different mental states affect the brain in very different ways.

The five brain waves of consciousness:

Delta: 1-4 Hz. The slowest brain wave frequency and its benefits are:

  • Deep sleep
  • Meditation
  • Anti-ageing: reduction of cortisol and increases DHEA
  • Activates the unconscious mind
  • Healing and pain relief

Theta: 4-8 Hz. Are Mid-frequency and its benefits are:

Alpha: 8-14 Hz. The productive and focused brain wave frequency state and its benefits include:

  • Creativity
  • Increases focus
  • Increase your learning capabilities
  • Increases the flow state of consciousness
  • It helps with positive thinking

Beta: 14-30 Hz. It is a high-frequency wave, and its benefits are:

  • Helps with problem-solving and analytical thinking
  • Increases energy
  • Induces a high cognition level
  • Helps with focus

Gamma: 30-100 Hz. The highest frequency waves benefits include:

  • Increases memory
  • Attention to detail
  • It can significantly increase creativity
  • Natural cognitive-enhancing

Side effects of binaural beats are:

  • Some studies have found binaural beats can increase depression
  • People have had short confusion, anxiety, and anger bursts in rare instances.

Binaural beats can be used as a complementary strategy alongside regular therapy or without therapy and shouldn’t be used to replace your traditional treatment.

Studies have shown that binaural beats improve overall mental health by enhancing positive feelings and drastically lowering negative thoughts and feelings.

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