What is Sound Therapy?

sound therapy
What is Sound Therapy?

Sound Therapy is a program that utilizes filtered music for the brain’s benefit. It alleviates tinnitus along with other ear-related issues while also increasing brains performance.

Sound Therapy is a listening program that is based on new information about the brain and ear. For example, scientists now understand that the ear is an active organ that can increase the brain’s performance.

Similarly, new brain pathways can be formed with the correct stimulus.

Better Brain and ears performance, the result is:

How Does Sound Therapy work?

To benefit from Sound Therapy, all you must do is listen every day to an increasingly filtered music program that arouses the brain, the ear, and the auditory system.

The alternating tones and distinctive processing in the music activate neuronal connections to increase brain and ear performance. This results factor is:

  • Better functioning of the nervous system
  • Increased alertness to high-frequency sounds
  • Increased brain integration
  • Formation of new brain pathways

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Benefits of Sound Therapy
  • Can relieve stress and tiredness
  • A better sense of overall well-being
  • Can help with tinnitus (ringing in the ears)
  • Can improve learning ability and concentration
  • Increased vocal range and voice quality
  • Heightened mental capacity and creativity
  • Increased performance, energy, and focus
  • Can help ease insomnia
  • Improved communication and behaviour in children
  • Relief of depression and anxiety
  • Better balance fixes balance issues and vertigo
  • Better relationships and communication 

Sound Therapy is amazing new tech invented for affordability, accessibility and is very easy to use.

How to Listen to Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy is to be listened to on a mini portable music play at low volume for a few hours a day during sleep or as you go about your day.

The program is installed and comes with a high-quality music player, and it is worn around your neck.

Premium earphones let you hear ambient sounds while hearing the Sound Therapy at a low volume.

You can listen to it well, have a conversation, watch tv, talk on the phone, sleep, exercise, or do any you do throughout your normal daily activities.

Proper listening instructions are included with the program via books, online videos, and a support program and email coaching.

Neuroanatomy of Sound Therapy

Sound Therapy arouses the ear by vibrating it with continuously alternating low and high tone sounds in the multifaceted configuration of classical music.

The stimulation of the sensory pathways rewires the brain, improving the people process and hear sounds.

The brain then will send signals back to the ear to improve its function.

One theory hypothesis is that this feedback loop increases the inner ear’s tiny cells, hair-like receptors, and the middle ear muscles’ functioning.

When the ear opens and is receptive to the high-frequency sounds, it then moves on to the brain.

Research has proven that functioning in the brain is increased through high-frequency sound—for example, the increase of blood flow to specific centers and increased activity in the electrical circuitry.

Sound Therapy results in increased creativity and focus, overcoming insomnia, increased energy, reduced fatigue, and a consistent state of relaxation and peace.

Dean Mathers

Editor and Chief of Mind Debris Magazine

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