1960s CIA Reports Revealed USSR Cyber Telepathy Research

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Recently uncovered documents disclosed the CIA’s efforts to find an understanding of the USSR’s weird endeavours into “extra-sensory” telepathy during the Cold War.

Dated between 1963 and 1964, three CIA documents had been recently acquired by the Government Attic, a site that publishes declassified government documents.

The documents are filled with strange stories and unusual ideas. The most interesting documents have a conversation between Professor D A Kerimov from the University of Leningrad and a CIA agent regarding the USSR’s “extra-sensory perception” and “cybernetic telepathy research.” They shared a few “social drinks.”

They drank alcohol and discussed the latest secrets into Soviet mind-control tech, likely a common topic among USSR Cold War spies. Kerimov said he had overheard researchers in Kyiv working on an assignment that “tapped” into the brain activity of a professional musician as they were playing the piano.

The brain activity can be recorded and then played back into a non-musician, letting them play the piano perfectly. However, the USSR scientist did not discuss this telepathy experiment, and the CIA agent wrote that some stories are “fairly dubious.”

Another plan saw USSR scientists create a “simulated frog’s eye” for surveillance of airports while further research looking at the possibility of communication between people and computers through telepathy.

One of the boldest statements surrounding people’s alleged abilities to show “extra-sensory perception.” Professor Kerimov said they have evidence that some people can pick up brain “waves” from others and use their ability to predict “future events.”

Kerimov admitted that these ideas hadn’t been taken seriously before until they slowly gained traction amongst peers. The CIA agent concluded the statement by saying that not a lot of hard evidence came from the conservation. Although, they noted that the USSR’s experiments with extra-sensory telepathy perception did not seem to be a threat to national security.

The CIA services were no strangers to mind control technology during the Cold War, such as Project Stargate and the infamous MKUltra or the development of remote-controlled dogs.

In 1983, the CIA wrote a statement about the “Gateway Experience,” saying that an altered state of consciousness might be able to transcend time and space. They even attempted to talk to aliens through telepathy by questioning a psychic as they went to Mars over one million years ago during a trance.

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