Enamel Building Candy

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Enamel Building Candy

In the future, your dentist might send you home with toothpaste, toothbrush, floss, and candy — all of which are good for your teeth and may regrow enamel.

Scientists recently invented a breath mint that may strengthen teeth and regrew tooth enamel, and it is on its way into human trials.

Genetically Modified Proteins

Researchers at the University of Washington have formulated an exciting idea: lozenges that have been coated in genetically modified proteins that could be the first treatment to grow new tooth enamel instead of just protecting the enamel.

Led by Mehmet Sarikaya, the research team will be launching clinical trials soon to test the candy. The coated protein will attach to the person’s teeth well, adding a thin enamel coating.

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Calcium and Phosphorus Ions

When designing the unique coating, the scientists integrated basic tooth enamel building blocks and invented a chain of amino acids genetically modified with calcium and phosphorus ions.

The amino acids come from amelogenin, an essential protein for making tooth enamel.

“Remineralization directed by amino acids is a healthy substitute to modern dental care,” says Sarikaya. “Amino acid formulations will be easy and would be found in clinical products or over-the-counter.”‘

Repairing Teeth

Everybody will experience wear and tear on their teeth. Although when the scientists tried their lozenges in the lab, using teeth from pigs, people, and rats (and living rats), they found that the amount of one mint a day had kept the tooth enamel in great shape.

Additionally, the scientists theorize that two mints a day may add a few micrometres of regrown enamel to the teeth, fixing the damage, something they hope to prove through clinical trials.

Changing Dentistry 

If you don’t enjoy lozenges, the researchers hope to create a line of gum, pastes, and gels that will repair your teeth.

The focus in dental health right now is on protecting teeth from damage. Things like whitening strips that rely on bleach can cause harm to tooth enamel which gives the allusion to healthy teeth.

But there is nothing on the market yet that can heal teeth and fix enamel. So there would be no need for fillings, root canals, and dentures if it can be done.

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