Quantum Memory Can Hold A Billion Blu-Ray Discs Worth of Data

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Researchers in Japan have grown diamond wafers that can store one billion Blu-Ray discs worth of quantum data using quantum memory.

Quantum Computers – The Subatomic World

Quantum computers use the mysterious physics that dives deep into the subatomic world to process calculations faster than standard computers.

The tech is still in the very early stages of development. However, it may lead to breakthroughs ranging from astronomy to healthcare if it can overcome the typical everyday hurdles.

Diamond Wafers Quantum Memory

Like the classic computers with areas where they can store data, quantum computers must have their own memory devices.

The diamond is the most promising material for quantum memory as it contains imperfections called “nitrogen-vacancy centers,” which can store quantum data.

These diamond wafers are explicitly made for quantum memory it will not work correctly if their nitrogen content is over three parts per billion (ppb). Large wafers that qualify for purity standards are only 4 millimetres in diameter — which is too tiny for standard applications.

Growing Diamond Wafers for Quantum Memory

Scientists from the Saga University of Japan and Adamant Namiki Precision Jewel Co. have created a procedure for growing diamond wafers with the proper purity levels of five centimetres wide — more than 10 times the record held previously.

The scientist named these wafers Kenzan Diamonds, and they needed to allow the diamond to grow on a stepped substratum instead of the conventional flat substratum.

Growing it this way reduces stress on the diamond, which allows the wafer to grow much bigger without cracking.

This method also reduces the amount of nitrogen gas needed to fast-track the diamond’s growth; it grows into a lot higher purity.

Developing Peripheral Technology

The researchers will soon publish a paper on their quantum memory diamond wafers in California at the CS MANTECH conference.

Researchers are now working to double the diameter of the wafers and develop peripheral technology and upgrade current technologies.

Adamant Namiki aims to have the diamond wafers for commercial release sometime in mid-2023. After that, researchers can utilize these devices to expand the quantum memory and quantum computers of future computers.

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