Benefits of Taking Time to Think

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Most people are busy and have legitimate excuses for why they have no time. Saying things like, “I’m buried in family and career responsibilities. Leaving me with absolutely no time.”

Finding time is a must, and most people do not accept it. It comes with many benefits, such as helping a person develop a solution to a problem they’ve been working out. However, it can also enable thoughtful long-term solutions.

We tend to go through the motions, day after day, and then suddenly, years have passed. We’re still in the same career, relationship, or caught up in the same mundane daily habits. However, when taking some time, it may help us realize the much-needed changes.

Besides specific benefits, it can be very calming, and it helps with better control over our lives, which many people flourish.

Finding Time

The following are ideas for it during everyday busy life:

  • In bed, maybe just before going to bed or when first waking up.
  • Ask the family for a little quiet time, such as first thing in the morning or when you get home from work.
  • While hiking, walking the dog or travelling from the bus or car to your destination.
  • During boredom. You may want to add time to think about your current options, for example, watching television or eating.
  • In the grocery store line, waiting for the elevator, or at the doctor’s office.

Making it a Habit

If you want to make it a habit, give one or more of these tools a try:

  • Tell someone that you are experimenting with giving yourself  10 minutes each day for time to think. You will provide a daily report on how your progress is until the practice becomes habitual, or you may decide to discontinue it.
  • Do a motivational mantra. For example, each time you take a drink of something, say, “I deserve it.”
  • Don’t make it difficult. Instead, find what time a day works best for where you can set aside 10 minutes for time to think.
  • Add the new habit to something you do every day. For example, you may decide to give yourself an uninterrupted 10 minutes of thinking time right before bed.
  • Consistently remind yourself that you deserve time to think. As a result, you will be better at problem-solving and have a healthier approach to everyday life.
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