Free Google Career Certificate Programs for Businesses

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To help businesses and job seekers acquire the digital skills to thrive today, Google announced a Google Career Certificate program and a plan to give all United States businesses upwards of $100,000 in free tech training.

Google’s Career Certificate

Currently, Google offers various certification programs through an online learning platform called Coursera. Each course is created and taught by Google employees, and it is designed so people can complete a program in up to six months or less of part-time study for less than $235.

Google has named these “Career Certificates,” each course trains a person for a certain high-demand job: project manager, user experience designer, IT specialist, or data analyst.

Google identifies these certificates as comparable to four-year degrees when hiring someone for the job. In addition, various universities around the US see the certificates as the equivalent of 12 academic credits, allowing students to obtain degrees for thousands or tens of thousands less.

Google Carrer Certificate Program Scholarships

Recently, they said it would provide 500 scholarships for the Google Career Certificate programs for any United States business. It is the equivalent of $100,000 in free tech training for employees per business.

Google has also launched a new E-commerce Career & Digital Marketing Certificate to teach the necessary skills to find clients, build online businesses, and more.

To qualify for the free courses and the scholarships, businesses must be registered in the United States, and it will be available on Coursera through December 18, 2024.

Google career certificate scholarships can be precious to small businesses, which may not be able to afford the proper employee training. Although, they can benefit from gaining skills internally, training an employee to create an online store or how to analyze site traffic.

20X Better Customer Acquisition Rates

Founder of Grow with Google, Lisa Gevelber, wrote “A digitally advanced business reported over 20 times better customer acquisition rates. Although, about half (49%) of businesses lack the proper skills and information necessary to utilize digital tools.”

“For each scholarship given, a business will gain new capabilities, and an employee will be advancing new skills,” she added.

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