Potential mRNA Heart Attack Cure

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Researchers from King’s College London are looking at the same tech behind the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to create the first reverse damage heart attack cure.

Heart Attack Cure Using Moderna’s mRNA Tech

The researchers used mRNA to send the genetic instructions to specific proteins to damage pig hearts, generating the growth of new heart muscle cells.

The lead scientist Mauro Giacca said to The Times in London, “The newly created heart cells will replace the dead ones. So instead of forming scar tissue, the patients’ heart creates new muscle tissue.”

In 2019 17.9 million Died from Heart Disease

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the world. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 17.9 million people died from heart disease in 2019, equivalent to almost one-third of deaths. Of these, 85% are eventually killed by strokes and heart attacks.

Heart attacks happen when blood flow to areas of the heart is restricted and blocked, often due to cholesterol buildup. As a result, the heart muscle cells keep your heart beating throughout your life but can be starved of oxygen and can be killed or damaged.

People quickly can go from a smoothly pumping heart muscle to having threatening scar tissue. Giacca said to The Times, “Your heart isn’t capable of repairing itself after having a heart attack.”

Heart Attack Cure – Cell Regeneration

To invent their heart attack cure, the scientist utilized mRNA, which can deliver the instructions for protein production to the cells.

While the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines instruct cells to create a spike protein of SARS-CoV-2, preparing the immune system to protect against the covid, this same tech can make a heart attack cure by transporting the code for proteins to stimulate the growth of new cardiac cells.

In a pig study (pigs are a close match to the human heart), the mRNA therapy produced brand new heart cells to be created after a heart attack, repairing the damaged tissue and forming functional heart muscle rather than scar tissue.

BioSpace Genetic Tracking

According to BioSpace, controlling mRNA in this way has been called “genetic tracking,” named after how the mRNA’s development is tracked through the new proteins they are creating.

This technique is being studied to develop new vaccines for pathogens like malaria, HIV, cancers, Ebola, and genetic and autoimmune diseases.

Thus far, the researcher’s heart attack cure has only been tested successfully in porcine hearts, and the scientists hope to start human clinical trials within the next two years.

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