November Microdosing: The Afterglow

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Microdose November – The Afterglow

Nov 2, 2021, Day 2 300mg psilocybin and 50mg CBD.

November is here, and November usually feels like winter, but this November feels like spring.

Time is an allusion, and it’s slower than I remember it being. At times though, time lapses, and it seems one minute it’s 8:45, then the next minute it’s 9:55. So the clocks are either lying, or I’m in tune.

How can clocks be so synchronized, and how can you tell it’s accurate?

What does time mean when you sleeping?

Time is linear experiences are limited.

I saw the sound of the flapping wings of the crow. It sounded crisp like bacon. It said like every flap of the wings was breaking the sound barrier in slow motion. The sound started the mid-level and slowly dissipated with each new flap.

November 3, 2021 – day 3 of 4

Being in the moment is the key to vitality. It’s not about the past or the present but what’s here and now. So be here, in the present, now.

PCP is cousin to ketamine.

November 4, 2021 – day 4 of 4

If the dimensional membrane ruptures, it will form back together with another dimension until balanced equilibrium. Also made mushroom tea with 50mg of CBD and 200mg of lion’s mane:

I started the tea at 11:14 pm

11:49 colour spectrum is heightened, and visuals have some added wavy, distorted dimensions of colour.

I’m outside on a clear November night, and the longer I stare, the more stars appear. They collectively create a glow from the light that makes the form of a mushroom cap.

You may go down dangerous and scary streets, but they aren’t that bad. Your mind is the most hazardous, most frightening road you’ll go down.

Mind eye riddle Rick. Rainbow kayaks flow into the moon.

Peace be with you, Brother bear.

Crooked consciousness

Oculus Quest 2 — Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 128 GB

November 5 Day 1 of 3 of the psilocybin

To make pyramids using an electric current to vibrate at a specific frequency to magnets paced centred on flipping the poles of the magnetism created in the Boulder to cancel out the weight.

Could the radio waves themselves move it?

Replace atoms, specifically electrons, with magnets. The North and south poles of the attractions are nature’s perpetual building blocks, and they are so small they can pass through anything. Redefines the laws of gravity and electricity. Magnet’s poles energy is most significant at the earth’s core.

I feel my conscience telling me to make healthier choices food-wise and drink more water and less coffee and diet Coke’s. And not to replace Diet Coke with Diet Pepsi’s. Meditate. Walk. Write.

November 6, 2021, Day 2 of 3 without

I felt well-rested and not as much worry and anxiety as I was dealing with before about school.

November 7, 2021, Day 3 of 3 without

Sunday is a fun day.

It’s been a week since I began this microdose journey. I slept well and added a bit more sleep time because of the time change. As a result, I feel more focused and don’t have to rely on stimulants for energy and focus. Banning psychedelics is the worst thing for science since the Vatican criminalized using a telescope and banned them in 1606.

November 10, 2021, Day 1 of 4 on 

My instinct says diet coke, but my mind and body say a drink at least another 24 oz water bottle full of mother nature’s pure, satisfying miracle drink. Drink more water.

November 12, 2021, Day 3 of 4 on

Feel fan fucking tactic, yo. Worries and anxieties down low and being in the present moment on a high. Feel less drawn to caffeine and nicotine today. I feel great. Went on two walks so far.

November 14. Day 3 of 3

No bad days just bad moments. It’s Sunday, and I feel great. Maybe the best I have felt since this month started. Before noon I wrote an article, meditated, went for a walk, and cooked lunch for family–dad shit.

November 15, 2021, Day 1 of 4

It was my grandpa’s birthday today. He would have been 88 today. He was the funniest person I ever met, my hero. Gangster. I wonder what he and grandma are up to today for his birthday. Are there birthdays on the other side?    My favourite memories were that of going to the Drumheller. He was a gangster from the great depression, now a gangster in paradise.

Oh, my Papa, to me, you are so Wonderful.

Like the badger we chased, I chased one during gym class when we were outside for track.

November 17, 2021, Day 3 of 4

It’s easier to spread love than hate, so don’t discriminate.

Joke: Have you ever done so many drugs that your backup coke dealer is worried about you saying that they will quit selling to me.

I only had to go to the backup dealer because the main guy was too worried. I was doing too much. It was a crazy thing to have more cocaine dealers than weed.

November 20, 2021, day 2 of 3 without

Acid flashbacks or some psychedelic. 2014 or 2015. Seen the mall was on fire—the future destruction.

November 21, day 3 of 3 without

Sunday is a fun day.

Feel fantastic today, like diet coke.

November 23, Day 2 of 4 on

Today is a great day to be alive with no snow on the ground, and I was BBQing last night. The year before, I was shovelling and made a snow hill for the kids higher than the fence.

I found myself talking to the rabbit more than usual. She said she’s my most diminutive friend.

November 24, Day 3 of 4 on

I published two articles by lunchtime and went on two walks. Well-rested and felt fantastic. Is it psilocybin and CBD? Or perhaps is it a placebo effect?

November 25, Day 4 of 4 on

Mind is as sharp as a Samaria sword. Colours brighter, sleeping great. Writing is my point, double what I am usually capable of. How to use Tesla Coil to charge shit wirelessly. Magnet to battery wireless charger use similar tech.

November 26, Day 1 of 3 off

Watching the birds eat the last of the dying seeds on the tree and how they move in sync is quite extraordinary. If one drives on the tree quickly, the song sparrows move simultaneously in the same motion.

November 28, Day 3 of 3 off

The afterglow effects are remarkable. I slept like 10 hours last night. And wrote three pages or two articles, went on a walk and mediated by 10 am. My time awareness field is heightened, and I can tell the time without looking at the clock.

November 29,2021 day one of 4 on

It’s all about that afterglow, baby. Exercise. Eat healthily. Meditate. Stretch.

Wrote my 200th article today.

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