Knowledge is Power!

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You should read at least ten times as much as you write if you are writing.

The benefits of reading are it reduces stress over 300% more than going for a walk, and it can prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Knowledge is Power! 

The most impactful gift I have ever received was given to me for my high school graduation.

First, I was given a card, written in messy handwriting, even more, confused than my own, saying: “READ!” Then I was handed a book called Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.

There was something about the message that clicked with me. Perhaps it was the title of the book—I don’t know?

All I know is that it took me way too long to read that 538 pages of golden knowledge that was hidden within the pages through the words that connected to a sentence that, when combined with other penalties, formed these paragraphs, these paragraphs were sequential, page after page to create these incredible things called chapters, and after eight months I finished what is called a book.

Every word has meaning; each sentence describes the meaning; each paragraph tells a story.

It inspired me to read another book after that, and I found more books I was interested in.

Before I knew it, I could easily read and retain!

Knowledge Takes Time

I grew a tiny library amongst the makeshift shelving in my closet, then under my bed.

Growing up before, the reading material found under my bed was national geographic, Guinness Book of World Records and Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Garfield, and Captain Underpants.

Knowledge is Power!

If people spent half as much time reading books as they do on their phones, it would be an even more technologically ethical world. So instead, imagine a place you can learn anything you want—it’s called a library.

There is a massive electronic one as well—I like the feel, smell, and look of books. If you can’t find meaning and purpose within yourself and life, you can eventually find it if you explore through enough books.

Wise choices and hard work always lead to success.

Work 16 hours a day instead of 8. A good writer writes, and a great writer writes 16 hours a day.

Over time you will have trained your brain into writing all of the time.

If you’re not writing it down physically, you start thinking of ways of how you can write it out in your head. It allows you to formulate a more strategic way to find connections with words.

Following the mantra “Two Shitty Pages a Day” can, over time, and patience and love can create a lot of material and knowledge.

Read and Write!

We could save education with technology right now before the education system collapses in on itself.

The Best Knowledge is Trapped in Books

The difference between good material and great material is if you want to come up with good material, you should be reading five pages per page you write.

On the other hand, for great material, you should be reading a minimum of 10 pages per page you write, and you will gain excellent knowledge.

It’s always easiest to pick books based on your interests. Reading isn’t fun if you’re not enjoying what you’re learning.

The wonderful thing about books is that someone was in your exact situation at one point figuring out what they wanted to read to.

I couldn’t read worth of shit when I was in elementary school. I had a phase of dyslexia where it was difficult to read and write because I was too ADHD and didn’t like sitting at a desk all day, so instead, I looked out the window imagining a world I could be creating outside.

The most extraordinary knowledge is trapped within books, and it is your job to find it.

The difference between Solar Deities, Jesus Christ, Galileo Galilei, Newton, Nikola Tesla, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Elon Musk, and Malala is they all had a purpose, to advance the human race, to push forward no matter the adversity, understanding the moral and ethical outcomes of the meaning of words and the power the knowledge they hold.

Remember, when you turn on that reality show that does an excellent job at creating fake drama—Malala is educating your youth why she got shot in the face for going to school for being a woman. Don’t become someone’s book writer; become someone they write books about.

Words are weapons. Use them skillfully. The more knowledge, the better, always.

It’s better to be book smart and know information rather than relying on others to tell you.

Knowledge is Power!

“If you’re not smart enough to be my friend, then fuck you.” – Mike Tyson

For Krew, Elle, Axell, Kyliee, Madison, Miika, B-Man, Little-Man and the rest of the open-source youth of today.



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