Free Speech Movement

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The free speech movement started as soon as it was taken away.

Rights are taken away, and free speech is the worst right to lose. It creates greater censorship in America!

Right now is time to have your voice heard well. Free speech is still somewhat alive.

Free Speech Movement 


Featherweights pushed aside as were coming, anger in your heart the words get pumping, people on the streets, others with no masks are feared and start running.

Sentences on loose-leaf are finished and stunning, exploring The Warning in my mind’s rhyme.

Then, finally, opened the curtain for the whole world to let the sun in; through the window of the darkest days, but we still marched to the drumming.

We stayed home when they wanted us to conform, fuck that!

I want to see some fist-pumping!

Risk it!

Take back what’s yours!

The free speech movement starts today!

Censorship in America ends today!

At least say something, even if they might attack you for it.

Because you’re sick of being treated like a kid like the time before.

Like you’re the dumb one standing here what I’m standing for!

Another war?

We bow to the rich so they can abandon the poor!

Like they understand you sitting in the back of their bulletproof ride when you can’t put gas in your tank.

These fucks are laughing as they drive by to the bank, cashing another blood-soaked bribed cheque, leading you, telling you it’s “your job to have empathy and respect.”

For a leader so anxious—nervous, in so many obvious ways, stumbling as he’s mumbling for the world to see at the end of their day.

Laughing at Canada, what the fuck did he say?

The free speech movement starts with you. However, your know-how!

If you don’t start standing up for what you believe in today, other people will be making your choices tomorrow.

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