Google’s 6-month Certificates Equivalent of a 4-Year College Degree

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The tech mega-giant Google recently announced they began accepting Google Learning Certificates instead of college degrees. They offer six-month courses for future employees to train for demanding jobs in a small portion of the time it would take at college or university.

The Google Career Certificate qualification will see successful students graduate with the equivalent of a four-year university degree for similar jobs.

The cost of the courses a very cheap. The 6-month IT Support and the eCommerce courses are $49 monthly. The prices are similar to Google’s existing certificates, around $300, and they have announced it has funding for 100,000 scholarships.

These courses will allow successful students the necessary skills to enter high-paying job fields with growth potential. They will focus on subjects like Project Management, Data Analytics, and User Experience Design taught by Google employees.

“The new career programs are created and taught by employees at Google who work in those fields. These programs prepare students with the vital skills needed to land a job. No prior experience or degree is not a prerequisite to take Google courses,” Kent Walker, the Google senior vice president of global affairs, wrote in a blog post.

This shift from standard academia comes up against criticism concerning degrees about their accessibility to the students. Furthermore, putting young people into a mountain of debt after several years to obtain a degree will haunt them and follow them for life until every dime is paid back in full.

Today, there are senior fucking citizens who get money taken off their pensions because of outstanding student debt.

Without proper job security or a contract for a decent wage, a four-year university degree may leave students worse off than when they started. In contrast, the Google Career Certificate’s goal is to prepare students for instant work for a minuscule amount of the cost of university degrees.

“University degrees are far out of reach for many people in the States, and you should not need a university degree to have financial security. In its place, we need new, obtainable employment-training solutions – from online education to improved vocational programs – to help people recover and rebuild,” explained Kent Walker.

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