“See the future” with a Smart Contact Lens

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The startup Mojo Vision has approved people wearing their smart contact lenses — taking the future of augmented reality (AR) and superhuman sight a significant step closer.

What is Augmenting Reality?

Unlike virtual reality (VR), which replaces your sight of the natural world with digital graphics, augmented reality (AR) adds digital images to a real-world display.

AR allows you to interact more efficiently with technology — people can read a text without needing your phone or view directions that appear in front of you as you find your way in a new city.

AR Glasses

AR glasses are not for everyone.

As they usually are slicker than VR headsets, some will still find them uncomfortable and bulky to wear. Others may simply not like how they look in glasses or sports and other things that are not glasses-friendly.

Mojo Vison’s Smart Contact Lens

In 2015, Mojo Vision launched an idea to create a smart contact lens that allows the wearers to see digital info right in front of them — similar to AR glasses — but they are contacts.

They do not plan to stop there either — Mojo Vision wants to use its Lens to allow the average person superhuman powers, like the ability to zoom in and out on very distant objects or to see clear at night.

Wearing the Smart Contact Lens

Mojo Vision previously unveiled several prototypes of their technology. Still, on June 28, the company’s CEO Drew Perkins revealed in a blog post that the company had finally put their smart contact lens on somebody’s eye: his own.

“After finishing preclinical trials and modifying potential safety risks, I wore Mojo Lens,” Perkins wrote. “I discovered I can interact with a compass to find my balance, view images, and use an on-screen teleprompter.”

“Wearing the smart contact lens was awe-inspiring,” he added. “Peering into the future left me at a loss of words.”

Looking into the Future

The new prototype of the smart lens, unveiled in March 2022, looks like a combo of a regular contact lens and a microchip.

Crammed into the minuscule piece of technology is the densest and smallest active display in the world, and a gyroscope, an accelerometer, and a magnetometer. It holds eye-tracking technology, medical-grade micro-batteries and customizable communications chips.

As Perkins wrote, they think of the smart contact lens when imagining futuristic tech. Finally, Mojo Vision is ready to go through the proper clinical trials needed to get FDA approval for the technology and give people supervision.

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