How to get a Removal Request for Your Private Info on Google

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Google said in a statement, “Open access to information is the main goal of Google Search, empowering the people with the necessary tools to protect them and keep their personally identifiable sensitive information private. That is why we are updating our policies to aid people in being able to take more control in Search for their online presence.”

People will have to send in a removal request to remove any personal information from appearing in Google searches, and they have to file a removal request.

The removal request will be evaluated by examiners who will determine whether the info is in the public interest and whether it is newsworthy or official. Afterwards, Google Search will send you an email explaining whether the request has been accepted or denied.

If the removal request is denied, Google will explain why it does not meet the requirements to be removed. If people are denied a request, they can always try resubmitting it and additional information to support your case.

One of the main goals of the policy change is to protect users from doing the act or cruelly giving out personal information about others online, like revealing their real name, phone number, home address, workplace, etc.

This most recent update adds to Google’s previous policy that lets people request the removal of information like medical records, credit card numbers, handwritten signatures, or identification documents that may be used for identity theft or financial fraud.

However, the removal request won’t eradicate the information from everywhere on the internet. It simply means that it will not show up in Google searches. To allow this, Google says you will need to contact the webmaster, the person who is the website owner.

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