The Best Schizophrenia Treatment

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The best schizophrenia treatment options are proper support and schizophrenia medication.

The Best Schizophrenia Treatment

Doing a daily routine such as meditation, exercise, eating healthy foods, good stress management, and help from family and friends can significantly reduce symptoms.

In addition, keeping physically and mentally strong can aid a person with schizophrenia to take charge of their mental illness.

Here are the best schizophrenia treatments options:

Individual Psychotherapy

A psychologist or psychiatrist can teach a person with schizophrenia how to deal with their thoughts and behaviours.

People will be taught about the effects of their mental illness, in addition to spotting the difference between what is real and what isn’t.

It also works great to help them manage everyday life stressors, and it’s usually the first schizophrenia treatment option offered.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT is very effective at changing a person’s behaviour and thoughts.

It’s a very effective schizophrenia treatment as the therapist will explain ways to help deal with hallucinations and voices.

CBT sessions with schizophrenia medication can ultimately tell what causes their psychotic breaks (when delusions or hallucinations come up) and how to stop them or reduce them.

Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET)

CET is also known as cognitive remediation.

CET helps educate people to recognize triggers, social cues and how to increase their memory, attention, and capability to organize their scattered thoughts better, making it an excellent schizophrenia treatment option. 

CET is the combination of group therapy and computer-based brain training.

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 Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Electroconvulsive therapy is set up where electrodes are put onto the patient’s scalp.

They are given general anesthesia, as doctors conduct a minor electric shock to the brain.

ECT therapy typically includes 2-3 treatments per week for several weeks.

Each shock treatment causes a controlled seizure.

Doing electroconvulsive therapy over time can have significant improvements in thoughts and mood.

However, researchers still do not fully comprehend how ECT works precisely and why the coordinated seizures it produces help.

At the same time, some scientists believe that ECT-induced seizures may cause neurotransmitters to release in the brain, such as dopamine and serotonin.

ECT can be effective when no medication works when the medication stops working, or if catatonia and or major depression makes healing difficult. Thus, making this older therapy still one of the best schizophrenia treatment options.

Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC)

CSC is for those who, for the first time, are having an episode of psychosis.

CSC uses a combination of psychotherapy and schizophrenia medication and is a team approach.

It incorporates employment services, and they include the patient’s family.

The goal of CSC is to catch the disease in its early stages.

Science says that intensive early treatment shows the best long-term outcomes, making it the best schizophrenia treatment option.

Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

Assertive community treatment for schizophrenia is a personalized service to help those with schizophrenia meet everyday challenges, such as taking their medications.

ACT specialists also help people handle issues proactively and prevent psychosis and other issues.

Social Recovery Therapy

Social recovery therapy helps people create positive beliefs about themselves, and it can build a sense of optimism and help people achieve their goals in life.

Social Skills Training

Social skills training improves social interactions and communication making it a helpful schizophrenia treatment. 


Schizophrenia typically occurs during the years when people are starting their careers.

Rehabilitation refers to money management education, support in problem-solving, and job counselling.

Family Education

Research shows that people with schizophrenia who have a robust support system do better than those without the encouragement of friends and family.

In addition, people’s understanding of schizophrenia and psychosis can help family and or friends with a family member dealing with schizophrenia.

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