Mental Health Crisis: An Epidemic

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The Mental Health Crisis is A Mental Health Epidemic in America and Spreading as Fast as a Computer Virus, better and more therapy and treatment are overdue.

Joe Bidden was asked by a generation Z youth, “What is the future of my education” to which Bidden replies,

“You’re the future. You’re the future. I’m a transitional president. I’m going to transition to your generation. The future is yours, and I’m counting on you.”

The early dementia signs type of answer is not what you want to hear.

Biden is the one who has the power to change the education system. “No! You Are!” responses are unexpected.

Mental Health Crisis: An Epidemic

Although Biden’s speech is still more comprehendible than Trudeau’s, “Justin, was it wise to shut down most small businesses and give out money to people who’ve never owned or ran a business before to stop a virus? Which incentivized people not to go back to work when they could open again—that is if those businesses weren’t forced into bankruptcy?”

The prime minister said, “Aaah, um, eh, um, aaaah, ummmm. Oui?”

Your leaders represent society, and when you see the world leaders, it is no wonder 20 percent of the population has a diagnosed mental health disorder.

  • The fourth leading cause of death amongst 15-19-year-olds is suicide.
  • 77% of suicides worldwide happen in low- and middle-income countries.
  • 700 000 people die to suicide every year.

The Mental Health crisis is an epidemic amongst epic proportions, and it’s not being talked about, and enough isn’t being done about it.

When suicide makes the top ten causes of death worldwide, it is not just a problem here in Canada, the United States is a mental illness, but the rest of the world is also in chaos.

We have over 100 years of scientists researching the brain and its psychology.

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Proper Treatment Plan to Reduce the Mental Health Epidemic

About 80 years of psychology looked at the wrong aspect of the psyche and the soul—all of the negative aspects of psychology, which increased the mental health epidemic instead of looking at proper solutions.

Positive psychology is around 30 years old.

Even within positive psychology, finding a cure and relief associated with the mental health crisis and symptoms can be a long, arduous road.

Optimistic psychology can significantly change the mental health crisis.

It’s not uncommon for a person to spend a decade on the psychiatrist’s chair trying to unweave all of their accumulated problems over years of throwing them into a dark closet.

The medication to help alongside therapy and other needed treatment to help with the mental health crisis.

Medication plus therapy is growing leaps and bounds for the better, but it still causes a lot of negative symptoms and some lead people to get worse and can lead to suicide.

Although, taking medication will prevent suicidal thoughts and actions greater than not taking meds.

Even though some medications score lower than the placebo counterparts in some double-blind tests for certain antidepressants and SSRIs, lots work well to restore dopamine and serotonin.

I see the future of psych meds being psychedelics, micro-dosing psilocybin, LSD, DMT, and many other possibilities soon to be legalized for a viable and better therapy to treat the mental health epidemic in America and the rest of the world.

Psychedelics such as psilocybin therapy will help change most mental health issues, probably not all and will take some time to figure out the proper dosage for different age groups and diagnoses.

Still, I see psychedelics and associated treatment and therapy improving the mental health crisis.

Dopamine and Serotonin Exhaustion 

We still see a dramatic rise in a mental health crisis with these options and newer and improved therapy and treatment for the mental health epidemic.

Technology is like taking drugs – they both increase dopamine and serotonin, so by the time your body should be naturally producing it—your dopamine and serotonin are entirely depleted. It can take a couple of weeks to build back up on their own after quitting the drug or technology.

Withdraw from technology and drugs are almost the same, and they affect the same areas of the brain as well.

The depleted dopamine and serotonin from the tech or drugs leave the person anxious and depressed until the levels can build themselves back up.

Technology treatment is similar to that of drugs and alcohol treatments and treatment centres.

People can go through bedridden depression, paranoia about online on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or however people decide to waste their time.

Society has been on a downward spiral since the early 2000s and possibly before.

You have a world filled with dictators interested in starting a war to take other countries’ resources to gain power over them.

The United Nations (UN) was formed to mediate ethics and moral values to prevent world wars. But unfortunately, the UN is as corrupt as the dictators seated at their table.

Essentially, you have various levels of dictators running most countries.

Your dictators are trying to take what other dictators own well, making citizens their pawns through shady business deals and using things like the stock markets to inflate markets worldwide, which drives up inflation.

The stock market represents Charles Ponzi and what you have is the most sophisticated pyramid scheme ever invented.

Remember Enron?

Bernie Madoff?

I bet no other business today acts in a similar format at all.

Mental Health Crises and the Government 

You have a delicate balance of good and evil, light and dark, and when the scales tip eviler and darker, you have harmony coming out through consciousness.

Socialism and communism walk a razor-thin line.

In the rise of the Mental Health Epidemic in America, individuals can’t hide their depression or anxiousness because eventually, it comes out in one form or another. The longer it is left without proper treatment and therapy, the worse.

If you treat the root cause or change the dictators, change policy, change how government does business, take back your rights, take back what is right.

There is no humour left in politics as politicians write their jokes when they open their mouths.

You can’t write jokes when the whole thing is a joke.

Politicians got away from caring about the person and viewed it as a business.

So they do what’s good to reflect themselves, their parties, and whichever company gives them the most money is where their interests lie.

What would you do right now if the government collapsed and you had to do your part for society?

Well better try it out quick as their foundation is on shaky scaffolding, and it’s about to crumble in out itself, it’s too top-heavy now, and it can’t even walk on its own now.

Their knees are weak and folding.

How to Fix The Mental Health Crisis

Find and push for better treatment options and better, more helpful therapy and treatment.

To fix the mental health crisis, you have to build a better foundation in your own life like the ones in charge of health care systems cannot patch up the holes in the dam anymore.

The structure is too weak and is ready to give way.

It’s better to be a part of building a better foundation now than to get swept up in the river of chaos when the dam lets go.

Gain your free speech back, your fundamental rights, criticize without having Censorship in America, tell the truth, respect people, and be more sociable.

Treat yourself better! Treat your wife better! Treat your kids better! Treat your neighbours better! 

Slow down, smell the fresh air, and don’t get caught up in the traffic of people going nowhere.

You know, the people stuck on the road following too close instead of going off the road and creating your path.

Fuck your government, your education system, and your healthcare system can all be done better.

Stop competing for something better or keep up with your friends and or neighbours, fuck status.

It goes deeper than that.

Mental Health Epidemic in America is affecting at least 20% of the population and is on the rise, and better treatment is needed.

It would be best if you had better innovation, and this environment could be significantly enhanced—it’s your job to design it.

Stop drowning in the bullshit and start doing some shit—for the better—for humanity.

It’ll be a smoother ride merging with technology than stubbornly trying to reject it.

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