Anonymous Airs Ukraine Footage on Russian TV

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Anonymous, the collective hacktivist group, has recently taken responsibility for airing the footage of the Ukrainian invasion by Russia through state-run channels on TV in Russia. They showed Russian citizens the devastation brought on by the Kremlin that they were trying to suppress. Anonymous Ukraine footage is punishable by up to 15 years in Russia.

The Russian Invasion

The invasion of Ukraine took place on February 24. Since then, the Russian military successfully bombed residential areas, leading to over 406 Ukrainian citizens, including 27 children, who died during the fighting. The United Nations thinks the death toll is much higher than confirmed.

Thus far, over 2 million Ukrainians have fled their country and stayed behind to aid in the resistance effort, stashing weaponry, utilizing Molotov cocktails, and using personal drones to spy on incoming Russian troops. Anonymous Ukraine footage surfaces on Russian tv.

The story which the Kremlin wants their citizens to believe is a “special military operation” to unshackle the grateful Ukrainian people from their pro-Nazi, fascist government. The greatest threat to citizens is Ukrainian nationalists, who utilize their children as human shields.

Many believe this as Russia sends messages through its media channels while putting people in prison who say differently. There have been massive restrictions to access to social media in Russia. In addition, independent television channels were silenced or shut down completely.

Anonymous Ukraine Russian Broadcasts

As of March 7, there have been several state-run news channels in Russia, and two streaming services started to broadcast footage showing the devastation in Ukraine with anti-war messages.

Anonymous, on February 24, later took credit for the declared “cyberwar” against the Russian government as they streamed the footage on some of the Russian government stations. However, anonymous Ukraine footage was illegal in the eyes of the Kremlin.

Kremlin Propaganda

The Kremlin’s government propaganda machine is so massive that some people refuse to believe in anything counternarrative, even if relatives are directly from Ukraine.

Although the Russian populous is not a goliath, tens of thousands of people have now been arrested over protesting the war in Ukraine. The broadcast by Anonymous may sway some people towards the anti-war side. Anonymous Ukraine footage is punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

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