Anonymous Declares Cyberwar on Russia

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The world-famous cyberactivists Anonymous has put themselves front and center in the geopolitical conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

It came in just days after President of Russia Vladimir Putin’s war and invasion of Ukraine, Anonymous at the same time, has declared war against the Russian government. The following statement came in through their social media outlets, where they state: “The collective of Anonymous is officially declaring cyberwar against the government of Russia.”

Hacking Against the Kremlin

 Before Anonymous had announced they would scale up their operations for the cyberwar, some of the various hackers in the group had taken down the RT website, and RT is a state-run media channel. Other Kremlin-related sites had also been attacked, including the Ministry of Defense.

Anonymous plans to continue its cyberwar in the days to come, and some think Russia may see it as an attempt to steal secretive information. Although many followers on social media agree and see it as a noble act.

Anonymous also had been stealing and leaking sensitive Russian military intelligence that promoted what had been reported in the media.

Anonymous Targeting Other Countries and Individuals

This was not the first time Anonymous intervened during an international skirmish. They have launched cyber-attacks against Islamic extremist groups and, in America, the Ku Klux Klan in the past few years. Anonymous also exposed numerous high-profile leaders, business owners, and celebrities who had connections with Jeffry Epstein. He was responsible for the sex trafficking of minors and then died in jail awaiting trial.

Russia’s Cyber-War 

Right before the full-scale war on Ukraine, Russia and the Kremlin committed many cyber-attacks on the government’s website in Ukrainian.

Additionally, shortly after the Russians started firing ballistic missiles at different Ukraine military targets, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s government had said they received further cyber-attacks. It had been rumoured to be part of the Kremlin’s plan. Moreover, other private organizations and companies were attacked, including banks.

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