OnlyFans has Stopped Russian Creators

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OnlyFans has stopped serving Russian creators on their platform, the company confirmed Thursday, April 21, 2022.

OnlyFans gained popularity through sex workers and is mainly used by adult content creators. They explained they could “no longer serve their Russian creator community properly” as the ongoing Russian war against Ukraine.

In February 2022, as Russia’s Ukraine invasion started, OnlyFans had blocked creators based in Russia from going on their platform.

Creators had received messages from OnlyFans, “Please be advised that your country (Russia) isn’t sustained for payouts. As a result, we can’t assist you regarding this matter during this time,” As reported by Rolling Stone.

Although soon after that, these messages were sent out, OnlyFans said it had resolved the issue.

A representative for OnlyFans told VICE. “After undergoing financial restrictions, we were able to fix account activity for our creators throughout all countries. As a result, their OnlyFans accounts will have their full functionalities restored, providing we can run payment methods to support them.

“We were not suspending or terminating any creator accounts because of the creator’s location, and we’re doing all we can to help support our community.”

OnlyFans had to change its route again, saying that it can’t run a platform for its Russia-based content creators.

One of the Russian content creators, Bisexcouplefamilyfree, uses OnlyFans and Pornhub to protest the war.

“We cannot work for OnlyFans now,” Bisexcouplefamilyfree told Vice magazine. “We worked on this platform for over a year, and now we must start again. It’s a shame that all Russians are now seen as the enemy. Of course, though, not everyone supports the war. And many express their positions, even though you can go to jail in Russia for it.”

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