Starlink Shuts Down Electromagnetic Attacks in Ukraine

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Starlink internet service owned by SpaceX successfully blocked an attack by the Russians in Ukraine quicker and more efficiently than the United States government could have, said an official from the Pentagon. He recommended their military can learn some things from SpaceX concerning defence mechanisms against electromagnetic warfare.

Electromagnetic energy travels throughout space in light particles (protons) waves, and the lengths of the waves fluctuate.

The electromagnetic spectrum at one end has long waves (radio waves). At the other end of the spectrum are super-short waves (gamma waves). And the wavelengths that are in the middle people can see (visible light).

The Use of Electromagnetic Warfare

Nowadays, the electromagnetic spectrum tech is both a target and is being weaponized during the war. For example, the military can use electromagnetic energy to jam an enemy’s radar or radio.

The leader of electronic warfare under the Secretary of Defense, Dave Tremper, exposed that the Russians tried such an attack on the Starlink network in Ukraine, delivering 5,000 terminals to aid the military and civilians to stay online

At the C4ISRNET Conference, Tremper discussed that Starlink shut down the Russian attack with unbelievable speed.

Starlink Helps Military

It is good news that Starlink can protect the most valuable method of communication for Ukrainians. Although, the bad news is that the United States military currently can’t do what SpaceX’s Starlink did.

Tremper said at the C4ISRNET Conference that the US military has a “substantial timeline to correct those types of issues” because of the amount of time spent trying to analyze the attack, develop an answer, and then get and receive a contract to fix it.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum at Work

Today, most people rely on the electromagnetic spectrum at work for information and much more. The military depends on it, too, as the rise of new tech makes its way on the frontlines of the battlefield.

Electromagnetic warfare will most likely be the fastest-growing part of the war. With the efficiency of Starlink’s response to Russia’s attack, Tremper now has a model to go by as to what the US military should attempt to do for the future.

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