Weed Brain: Your Brain on Cannabis

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Weed has been consumed for thousands of years, first showing up in China. However, before knowing how weed affects the brain, it is important to note how it functions.

Weed Brain

The brain’s neurons are the cells that process information in the brain by releasing chemicals called neurotransmitters from the axon from one neuron to the dendrite.

The change happens to the electrical charge of the receiving neuron, consequently inhibiting or exciting it. If it gets exciting, the signals are passed on.

Although it sounds simple, these signals work together, and the effect is quickly compounded into a complex configuration within milliseconds, overcoming the whole brain.

This is what occurs every time you think, move, or breathe.

Influenced by Weed

When you are under the influence of weed, unlike alcohol that contains molecules nothing like those found in our body.

Weed contains molecules that reassemble those that are produced in our brains. Cannabinoids though naturally, cannabinoids flow at much lower rates compared to the large influx imposed by smoking weed.

Septically, the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) resembles a neurotransmitter called anandamide. These are cannabinoids that are considered specialized neurotransmitters that are released by neurons that had just fired.

Neurons become temporarily unresponsive after firing to prevent them from overreacting or prevailing. This lets your brain function in a controlled and calming manner.

Although, cannabinoids interject this method in some areas of the brain. Instead, they remove the unresponsive period of the already active neurons that cause your thoughts, perception, and imagination to magnify themselves utterly.

Weed Times

This means as soon as you start your train of thought, it becomes the most significant and profound thing ever.

After that, you cannot see the whole picture or even recall your last epiphany as you are too caught up in the momentum of a specific idea. And your neurons continue to fire until a new idea comes over you, and you start a new tangent.

Those cannabinoids similarly affect the norepinephrine and dopamine levels in your brain, often leading to a sense of euphoria and relaxation, pain modulation, and general enhancement of an experience. However, smoking or eating weed will sometimes cause anxiety.

Furthermore, cannabinoid receptors control short-term memory, learning, coordination, movement control and higher cognitive functions.

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