Ganja Protects Against COVID-19 Mahn

cannabis coronavirus

Cannabis Protects Against Coronavirus 

new study revealed that cannabis compounds as a healing agent prevent the coronavirus by not allowing the virus to enter human cells.

According to the researchers, the prevalent use of cannabis plant compounds and getting the vaccine can help fight the spread of the virus, and the disease people can get from it.

The study was published in the Journal of Natural Products by scientists from Oregon Health & Sciences University and Oregon State University. The scientists searched for a compound that would bind with the protein from the SARS-COV-2 virus, which turns into COVID-19.

Researchers used a method called affinity selection mass spectrometry (to assess a considerable volume of compounds quickly) on cannabis, and the scientists had a closer look at three compounds: cannabidiolic acid or CBD-A; tetrahydrocannabinolic acid, or THC-A; and cannabigerolic acid or CBG-A.

Unfortunately, since THC-A is still considered a controlled substance, they could not get enough of it to look at its effects properly. So instead, they were forced to focus on other molecules.

Today, most people know about THC, which gets you high, and CBD  which doesn’t get you high,  you can buy CBD in a can of infused soda or a pill form for the many health benefits.


Those two common cannabinoids are derivatives from precursors, which are acids.

CBG-A can only be found during the growing phase of the plant, and it is converted into CBD and THC.

CBD-A transforms into CBD through “decarboxylation,” which can happen through heat by smoking, vaping, or baking.

The researchers incubated the live coronavirus with the weed compounds, and after a day, they put them into human epithelial cells; they discovered that cells with CBG-A and CBD-A had less SARS-COV-2 RNA.

Alpha and Beta Variants

The researchers did the same technique on live beta and alpha variants, which were first found in South Africa and the UK and discovered that these compounds replicated the same effects in both studies.

Researchers believe that these compounds may also fight effectively against other variants.

The scientist’s findings show that the cannabis compounds as “virus-neutralizing,” meaning they can block the entry of the coronavirus in elevated concentrations.

Prevention of COVID-19

Also, researchers advise oral administration of these cannabis compounds—this means an adequate use of cannabis to prevent COVID-19. It would probably be found in pill form or liquid.

The United States federal government needs to legalize cannabis to adequately study more cannabinoids to prevent COVID-19 and other variants and the potential for older and new virus prevention.

cannabis coronavirus
cannabis coronavirus

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