Starlink Terminals Arrive in Ukraine

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Starlink Terminals Arrive in Ukraine

Ukraine Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov has confirmed that his country received the shipment of Starlink terminals after he tweeted at Elon Musk over the weekend requesting  “Starlink terminals and to address stable Russians to stand.”

Elon Musk had replied to Fedorov’s tweet, saying that “The Starlink service is currently active in Ukraine. There are terminals en route.”

SpaceX company Starlink is a satellite internet service that offers broadband speeds of 100 MBps – 500 MBps by utilizing low-Earth satellites that transmit signals faster than other satellite internet companies.

Starlink uses “terminals,” essentially small satellite dishes that receive the signal. The appeal for such a system in a warzone is evident, as the Starlink signal cannot be easily cut off or intercepted by an opposing force in Ukraine.

Although Starlink is still in beta in the United States, the service is very spotty, slow, and has various outages. It happens when signal transfers from one satellite to another. And it’s hard to judge the status of the Ukraine internet service from overseas.

Third-party internet monitors say internet traffic is down about 13% in Ukraine, particularly in the regions with the heaviest war.

Fedorov’s request that Elon Musk “saying Russians to stand” to which this request is still waiting for a reply.

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