5G Internet: Destruction of Education

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Schools are on an unstable foundation, and they are about one brick away from the education system completely collapsing.

Everyone laughed at me eight years ago when I said they should switch to teaching all online now. Friends, family and others said this to find excuses for why it wasn’t possible; the biggest skeptics were college and university students.

5G Internet: Destruction of Education

I knew it was possible as the psychologist, Stanley Krippner, had already come out with a free online university.

So with it being done already and my understanding of technology and Moore’s Law, I knew it would be just a matter of time before everyone was learning online.

When it comes to technology—anything is possible!

It turns out it was a lot later than it should have taken, and it only took a one-hundred-year pandemic to switch over the technology for college and university students as well as all grades throughout grade school.

It was a relatively smooth transition for all grades in Albert, Canada.

I watched the transition happen from a university students’ perspective, and I am taking education to become a teacher.

It was one of the few positive things that sprang from the coronavirus.

In my English class, the teacher said he has been teaching this University English level course for 27 years and said it was the highest-grade average he had ever seen.

My grades improved drastically, and I didn’t even miss any classes, an A+ for attendance.

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5G and The New Internet 

Most of my classes consisted of spending an hour and a half with the teacher per class a week called synchronous class, and then the other type was a lecture the teacher recorded or called an asynchronous class.

In one month, you go from being physically in classes spending 12 hours with the teacher per class to solely online learning, and you spend six hours a week with the teacher a month instead of 12 hours.

Proving my theory further that less time spent in class and more time self-teaching whatever you are learning is more beneficial. If you are teaching yourself, such as reading a book or textbook, you are learning through being self-taught.

As we enter the age of 5G technology, we will also see a new type of internet (I call this internet: Reality 1.0) which will be an integration of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), bitcoin (or similar versions depending on where you live), NFTs, cloud-based technologies as well as more technologies being worked on right now and soon.

We will get rid of cell phones and eventually all desktops and laptops, like when I first started working fresh out of high school, and I got to witness the pager and, soon after that, the death of the home phone.

Soon people will replace their smartphones with a version of glasses, sunglasses, prescription glasses, etc.

From glasses, we will also switch over to contact lenses that offer the same technologies for the new 5G Reality 1.0 internet.

We will be able to do everything the same as our phones now through glasses, but we will see it in front of you well using voice commands and hand and eye movements.

5G Instantaneous Education 

We are constantly looking down at our phones, straining our necks and making our shoulders sore from holding up that massive iPhone.

The number of car accidents people get on their phones is as many as people under alcohol and other drugs.

Today, most people have a severe addiction to their phones and the technology isn’t going away. It’s improving quickly.

5G technology will give people instantaneous connections as 5G internet runs bandwidths with smaller but faster and more waves per second. Meaning that 5G internet will allow you access to the internet with no lag, and it can easily penetrate through cement and or brick.

People will be able to casually walk into any store with their 5G glasses on or their 5G internet contact lenses, and they can fill up their shopping carts. Then walk out with it as you cut out the need for a teller or even an automated checkout machine.

The value of the products you take from the store on the way out will automatically subtract from your cryptocurrencies.

Students will be able to do class virtually from home.

Doing class through the glasses will look like a classroom filled with friends and other classmates, with the teacher teaching virtually from their office or home.

The student will answer questions in real-time with the teacher and students at their desks, tables, or standing up.

In these virtual classrooms, the student will be able to see the teacher and classrooms from their friends’ virtual perspective and will be able to see the students and teach from the teacher’s perspective.

We will then move to the next stage of our evolution and implant a microchip into the brain, eliminating depression and anxiety and instant access to Google’s knowledge.

Dean Mathers


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