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Five years after unveiling a Tesla Semi prototype, Elon Musk’s automotive company has started accepting the public’s orders for the semi-EV. There has yet to be a delivery date for them, but they can help remove a substantial number of emissions once they are on the road.

Tesla Semi is only $150,000

Elon, in November 2017, unveiled the prototype of the Tesla Semi, a fully electric Class 8 semi-truck.

Minor details on the Tesla Semi have altered since then, although as of 2022, it will be available in two different models: a USD 150,000 version with approximately a 300-mile range and a $180,000 semi with about a 500-mile range.

All Tesla Semi models can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 20 seconds as it carries 36 tons of cargo.

In addition, the semis will come with Enhanced Autopilot, and it has a unique cab with a centred driver’s seat that has two screens.

Tesla is currently building solar Mega charger stations that will be able to add over 400 miles of range to a Tesla Semi in under 30 minutes.

Order the Tesla Semi

Six months after unveiling the prototype, Tesla had reserved about 2,000 reservations from Walmart, Pepsi, and other fortunes 500 companies.

The reservation procedure begins with a $5,000 down payment, a $15,000 wire transfer within ten days to Tesla, and another $20,000 down for additional trucks. The $5,000 down payment is refundable, although your deposit is Tesla’s once the transfer is accepted.

Wait Listed

The production of the Tesla Semi was going to start back in 2019, but it has been met with multiple delays. The show is supposed to begin in early 2023.

As of now, Tesla is not the only company that will electrify road freight. Freightliner, Volvo, Kenworth, and others are planning to produce electric semis soon, and some companies, including Nikola and BYD, already have semi’s on the road.

Tesla claims its Semi will help save drivers over 50% on fuel costs. Suppose these savings spread to other heavy-duty EVs. In that case, they could see the vehicles succeed in their fossil fuel-powered predecessors, eliminating about six percent of the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions.

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