7 Tips to Cure Your Phone Addiction

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According to, “There are now approximately 6.648 billion people in the world that use a smartphone, which is 83.72% of the entire world’s population.”

Many use phones all day long and feel like they’re “missing a part of them” if they go out without their phones.

Adverse Effects of Phone Addiction

Being overly dependent on your phone may come with adverse outcomes, such as damaged relationships with our family and friends—primarily if we focus more on our smartphones than on what is happening around us.

Additionally, it may be a severe distractor and time-waster from doing our work. People will start to neglect their everyday lives like doing the dishes, laundry, and other house cleaning as they spend too much time on their smartphones.

7 strategies to Help Break Phone Habits:

  1. Distance yourself from your smartphone. Don’t be scared to take a break; begin going places without your devices. It is going to seem uncomfortable and unusual at first. However, it’s an excellent opportunity for you to figure out those feelings in a more healthy matter rather than losing yourself in your phone. Write down how it makes you feel when you’re not always on your phone.
  2. Try meditating. Meditation allows people to stay in the moment and learn to be more mindful. In addition, meditation will enable people to slow down the autonomic nervous system (ANS), leaving the person calmer and less likely to be compulsive.
  3. Pick a hobby that includes you using your hands. Some good examples are cooking, sewing, drawing, karaoke, journaling, and weightlifting. This can help you look at your phone less as your hands automatically get onto your phone and swipe.
  4. When you are at work, try leaving your phone on airplane mode and keep it on for a certain number of hours. (Unless you need it for work.)
  5. When you go to bed, try leaving your phone in another room. Try an alarm clock. You will find it very beneficial, particularly if you wake up at 4:00 a.m. and the first thing you think about is going on your phone.
  6. When you have friends over, set your phone addiction aside, and leave it on silent or airplane mode. This works incredibly well if you are on a date.
  7. Try finding a support group as it benefits people with all types of OCD. People use support groups to control their compulsive behaviours. So why would it make sense to use them to help people with cell phone addiction?

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