China’s Globalization and Organ Harvesting Centres

Organ Harvesting China

The Communist Party of China is building organ harvesting hospitals as fast as they built COVID hospitals.

If you escape to China from North Korea, the Chinese capture them to harvest their organs and incinerate the rest of the body.

The Middle East and other countries will get an organ transplant from China as they have many options for new organs.

I don’t like to think The Communist Party of China is capable of being aware of the ethical and moral codes they were breaking at the Wuhan Institute of Virology than they already won.

Meaning, by studying certain viruses over long periods, in a well-guarded, closely kept secretive lab, you can also at the same time come up with treatments for certain viruses over decades of studying the virus itself.

China may not have started any wars lately, but when they do, they have no problem killing as many of their own as it takes to keep absolute control in an apparent police state.

Winnie the Pooh has been training his neighbour Kim Jong-Un to trade body parts like organs on the black market.

organ harvesting

Mental Health – An Epidemic!

They have convenient hospitals on the North Korea and China borders, so if you dodge all of the land mines on your way out of North Korea, they will kill you, incinerate your body, and sell your organs on the black market.

Next thing you know, Winnie the Pooh and porky pig’s sister’s hearts and livers fail; they’ll have lots of options.

The Communist Party of China has created a multibillion-dollar industry from selling cadavers.

These organ harvesting hospitals are popping up faster than the UN running out of counties like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, and Palestine.

The point of the United Nations in the first place was to prevent things like World War I and World War II from repeating themselves.

But, unfortunately, now the UN is as corrupt as most of the nation’s leaders that are a part of it.

Meanwhile, America is taking a cat nap as China blasts of biological warfare worldwide, devastating economies, but if you look at how many more millionaires and billionaires they created over the last few years compared to the world.

China won.

Chinese Communist Party of China

If you elect a socialist, eventually, you will have communism.

There’s a razor-thin line between socialism and communism, and it’s very sharp.

Businesses became like China, cutthroat, stealing other people’s ideas, inflated numbers of sales and profits – stockmarket-like.

Look at the inflated stock market, and you start taking more than you give, and suddenly oil goes from $100 a barrel to $1 overnight.

The same old shit, different dictator, doing what’s best for business and not for the people.

My great-grandpa didn’t get killed by the Nazis, for my great-grandma and grandma came to Canada to have socialistic communists take over.

My great-grandpa didn’t work the coal mines his whole life to see this either.

We were built on a foundation of having everyone work side by side on the railroads, coal mines, and factories to provide better home life so their kids didn’t have to.

Kids worked in factories in Canada as young as six until they were given an education, not always a great one like the Residential Schools, but it gave a better way of life, well, for those who weren’t buried in a grave in some of those schools.

We can’t go back to being labourers for a communist country.

Communist China

The Communist Party of China is moving away from labourer outsourcing to countries like Malaysia and Taiwan.

We’ll they’re growing a middle class and producing more millionaires and billionaires.

The western world becomes the new labourer.

We can’t go from getting away from factory slaves to back to being capitalist slaves owned by The Communist Party of China.

China has innovation, and it’s just the wrong type of innovation.

So instead, they piggyback off our ideas because of the constraints put upon them by The Chinese government.

You don’t own your business in China.

The Chinese Communist Party dictates your business and if you don’t like it, your bankrupt, most likely sitting in a prison cell.

Journalists are reporting on stories today; they aren’t even there for most of the time. And if they are, they do a quick synopsis of what it looks like at that time.

A couple of float and call shoppers

Bad speech shouldn’t be replaced with censorship but with better free speech!

China Tribunal – “Independent Tribunal into Forced Organ Harvesting from Prisoners of Conscience in China.

Steal, trick, scheme, get what you want, no regulation, don’t cause problems or say anything.

The Communist Party of China wants you.

organ harvesting China

 The North Korean Holocaust!

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