Do We Have Free Will or is it Determined?

I don’t believe in faith and or miracles; it is an outdated way of thinking. 10 years ago, my grandparents won the lottery. That resulted from buying a lottery ticket every week for the past 50 years, and as luck would have it, they won. My grandma told me if it wasn’t for that million dollars — she wasn’t sure what she and my grandpa would have done to survive.  That had zero to do with a miracle, just the luck of the draw. Why are some people born into labour camps in North Korea, and why are some born multi-millionaires along California’s oceanside? Nothing but bad and good luck. Everything that has or is happening results from past experiences, choices, books one has read, trial and error, and just plain luck.

If you follow Catholicism’s faith, you believe that Jesus was born to a virgin, which is considered a miracle. Now, if you look at history before 320 A.D., before the emperor Constantine and his bishops wrote the bible. Every religion beforehand, which one can trace back to the days Egyptians reigned supreme. They never once told stories of these miracle workers who were here on earth but referred to them as a god(s). They were the unseen force that drives everything, which was not a human form. That’s where the Sun got its name from. It was formally known as God’s Son, the creator of life, and without God’s sun, life would not exist. And evil was the darkness, and it took the sun away at night.

Sorry, but not really — religion is a joke, money-hungry organizations that do more harm than good; one can use their belief of religion to mutilate sex organs of both women and men, they can use it as an excuse to marry within the family, to behead those who don’t believe in their religion, they can throw gays off buildings as they don’t believe in their sexuality, they can stone people to death, and to take away many freedoms of women. Catholicism was a made-up story, most likely fabricated through language that started with Greek, then changed to Latin, then English, and was probably heavily plagiarized.

Still, believe that you have free will?

Try this simple thought experiment: think of any city in the world… Got it?


Now you had the choice to think of any city in the world, and you could have chosen Shanghai, Cairo, Calgary, Vancouver, Quebec City, or whichever city you wanted. Now, free will may have you believe that the choice you made was totally random. But, if you dig deep enough, that city you chose as a result of a prior experience, maybe it was a city you live in or have gone to, or maybe one you want to go to. The point is there have been many studies proving this very thought experiment can be replicated as many times as you want to do it, to show eventually there is a meaning to that person behind which city they chose. And dissolves any belief that it was chosen from a free will standpoint.


Books: Free Will, The God Delusion, Waking Up: Spirituality without Religion

“I am not here to build a business; I am not here to build a corporation; I am not here to build Schools; I am not here to build churches—I am no Mother Theresa.

What I will do is—lead a legacy.”

– Dean Mathers


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