The Top 5 Crime Podcasts

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The Top 5 Crime Podcasts to listen to now! 

Crime Beat

Crime Beat podcast is a Canadian favourite as it is hosted by a crime journalist and news reporter named Nancy Hixt, who started in her home city of Red Deer, Alberta (that is where I was born and have lived the last four years) before moving to her current residence of Calgary, Alberta.

This is very popular, with millions of downloads of this bi-weekly podcast.

She tells fascinating stories she has covered in her past 20 years of journalism, usually from Alberta, involving murders, attempted murders, rapes, child abuse, and many other uncomfortable topics no one wants in their lives other than hearing it through headphones.

O.C. Swingers

Orange County Swingers or O.C. Swingers is one of the newest crime podcasts I can’t wait to listen to every week.

This podcast is about a Newport Beach orthopedic surgeon, former reality Bravo star, Dr. Grant Robicheaux, and substitute teacher Cerissa Riley.

In 2018 the world learned of these two most unlikely criminals.

When the feds finally caught up with these two Bonnie and Clyde-type characters, they found an arsenal of guns, a mountain of drugs and cash, and they were accused of drugging and raping many women.

But it doesn’t just stop there.

Find out the insane story now.

Crime Junkies

Crime Junkie hosted by Ashley Flowers is put out once every Monday.

She takes both popular and unpopular stories in the news and tells the stories in her calming tone no matter the related crimes’ intensity.

This is one of the most popular crime-based podcasts across all platforms.

It is suspenseful and thrilling, painting a visual picture of the exciting and gripping tales of madness, lust, love, and serial killing sadistic psychopaths.

Canadian True Crime

This Canadian True Crime podcast is my favourite crime podcast as it tells the stories of true Canadian crimes.

Canadian True Crime podcast host is Kristi Lee, who tells horrific, diabolical, interesting killer stories from across Canada.

With her Australian accent, this Australian-born resides in Ontario, Canada.

It makes these stories gentle to listen to well telling such heinous stories.

I am listening to it right now – episode 03: Cody Legebokoff tells a story of a teenage Canadian serial killer.

Unsolved Mysteries Podcast 

The Unsolved Mysteries podcast is an older classic with a new twist in an audio version.

My favourite episode is the two-part episode: The Sudden Departure of Granger Taylor.

Granger’s story was told by his best friend and the guy who Granger mentored the past five years before he went missing.

Granger was a middle-aged odd but highly brilliant.

Some thought he was crazy.

Those who knew him thought he was a genius.

One day he told his friend the aliens came to him in a dream, and he would be going on a journey for decades.

Then one day, during a wicked thunderstorm, Granger left his parents a note, and he left it in his Pepto Bismol painted truck that hasn’t been seen since.

It’s the old classic everybody loves.

Unsolved Mysteries podcast is out now.

Dean Mathers


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