Brave Browser Uses an Ad Blocker

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Brave Browser will save you time as it is faster than other browsers, and you won’t waste time watching ads. Soon, if you do choose to watch ads, you can get paid for it on Brave’s Browser.

Brave can also save you money, as ads can cost you money by draining your data. Brave will pay you most of their profits if you are a content creator.

Brendan Eich created the Brave Browser. He invented the JavaScript programming language and created Mozilla for Apple. Brave’s mission is all about privacy. They do not track you and prevent other websites from following you.

Ad-Free Brave Browser

Brave Browser allows you to shut off all ads and is 100% free. Some might say you can download an ad block extension on other browsers, but most tend to be unreliable.

It is rumoured that Google pays a butt load of money for ad-block companies, as it allows them to run ads right from Google’s network.

Furthermore, Google’s Contributor program offers people an ad-free program, which will cost the consumer money. So, if you do not like ads, Brave is an obvious choice.

Faster Browsing Experience

Brave Browser is the fasted Browser on the planet. According to the Brave website, they’re 8.7x times faster than the average site speed of other browsers.

You can Save Money with Brave Browser

Through mobile data, ads end up costing you money.

Although, if you’re using Brave will save you money on mobile data as Brave’s Browser automatically shuts off ads.

Rewarding Content Creators 

Content creators can finally get paid for creating the content that drives people to use a web browser. Brave is planning to keep 15% of all ad revenue. 55% of the profits will go directly to content providers, 15% to ad partners, and the other 15% to people who use the Browser, which can then be donated to bloggers and other people who provide content using micropayments.

Earn Money with Brave Browser 

You will soon be able to make money with Brave. You will be able to earn money by simply watching ads. You will be rewarded with what Brave is called Basic Attention Tokens for each ad you watch.

The team at Brave has estimated that you will be able to make about $200 per year by just watching ads you probably would have been forced to watch using Chrome.

Download the Brave Browser: Here!

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