The Top 5 True Conspiracies

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Top True Conspiracies

The Rigged 1919 World Series

The 1919 world series was rigged and set up by organized crime. The scandal involved the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox. It was found out about a year later, and in 1920, eight White Sox players were given a lifetime ban from ever playing professional baseball again. It was one of the first professional sports leagues to engage in what became one of many true conspiracies.

The Egyptians Red Sea Drowning in The Bible

It is depicted in the book of the bible called Exodus, which tells a tale of many Egyptians drowning in the Red Sea. Recently discovered by archaeologists were thousands of pieces of armour and skeletons at the bottom of the Red Sea, possibly proving the accounts found in the bible. Of course, there aren’t many proven true conspiracies in the bible, but this one might be verified. 

The Mafia Existed – True Conspiracies

At one time, most people believed that organized crime groups were nothing but a conspiracy theory or known then as a hoax. Although, it turned out to be a real thing.

Look at “mafia celebrities” like the Gotti family and former mafia YouTube stars like Michael Franzese. It was an unfortunate part of true conspiracies.

Hitler Did Not Die After World War II

As told in the history books, Hitler committed suicide in Berlin right after World War II in 1945, but the FBI has confirmed documents reporting that Hitler had fled to Argentina and lived out the rest of his life there.

Asbestos – True Conspiracies

For 30 years, between 1930 and 1960, asbestos manufacturers did all they could to hide the link between respiratory diseases and asbestos, including lung cancer. They did so to avoid prosecution.

United States workers sued the Johns Manville company as far back as 1932. However, it wasn’t until 1962 that epidemiologists finally established beyond any reservation what bosses of these companies had known for a very long time – asbestos causes cancer. It was one of the worst true conspiracies ever committed.

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