Internet Explorer Announces Retirement at 26-Years-Old

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Internet Explorer is Entering Full Retirement at 26 Years Old

Like Nelly Furtado once said, “All good things must end.” as do average things must end as well. For example, Internet Explorer, a search engine famous for being buggy and slow, is now upgrading to Microsoft Edge as it was killed off at age 26. In internet terms, 26 years old is a senior citizen.

In a statement, by Sean Lyndersay, the General Manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise, “During 2021, people may have noticed our drive away from Internet Explorer support, like the announcement of the end of Explorer support by Microsoft 365 services online.”

“We have arrived today are at the next stage of its journey: proclaiming that the future of our Internet Explorer for Windows 10 is now found in Microsoft Edge.”

Explorer was forced into browser hospice care last year (2021) as it was publicized that minor Microsoft 365 services and apps would support Internet Explorer 11. In addition, the high-class performance of Microsoft Edge would mean it might be taking over the reins from its slower predecessor.

Older legacy applications and websites, though, need not fear. They will still be able to work on the new program, as Explorer’s spirit will continue to live on in an “IE mode,” built into Microsoft Edge’s software.

“As Microsoft Edge is fully capable of [accessing legacy sites] and a lot more, the Explorer 11 application on the desktop will be fully retired and will officially go out of service on June 15, 2022, for specific versions of Windows 10,” announced Lyndersay.

The little “e” which held an important place not long ago in our search history can now be found in Bliss.

RIP, Internet Explorer.

Dean Mathers


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