14 Interesting Dream Facts

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  1. Humans are Very Forgetful

People typically forget 95 to 99% of their dreams.

  1. REM and Vivid Dreaming Facts 

Most vivid dreams occur during rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. It happens in short events, approximately 90 to 120 minutes apart through the nighttime. 

  1. Morning Dreams

Longer dreams happen during the morning hours.

  1. Familiar Faces Dream Facts

According to Stanford University, you most likely dream about faces you have seen already in person or perhaps on television.

  1. Paralyzed Muscles

Your muscles become paralyzed when you are in REM sleep to help prevent the person from acting out their dreams.

  1. Not Everyone Dreams in Color

An interesting dream fact is that about 12% of people will have dreams in black and white.

  1. Sex Dreams are Typically About One Thing

Almost all the sex dreams have to do with intercourse.

  1. Sleeping Positions Matters 

You are way more likely to have a dream about sex if you’re sleeping facedown.

  1. Men Have a Variety of Dirty Deam Dreams

Men have sex dreams with multiple partners at two times more than women.

  1. Dreaming of Teeth May Have a Bigger Meaning

Having dreams of your teeth falling out could be caused by an undiagnosed dental issue, such as bruxism, rather than being extremely insecure like people used to suggest.

  1. Pets Dream Fact

Everyone has dreams, including your pets.

  1. Women are more likely to Dream about Celebrities 

Women are twice as likely to have a sex dream about a celebrity than men.

  1. People Have a lot of Dreams

Those over the age of 10 have a minimum of four to six dreams every night.

  1. What Does Dreaming Mean?

Researchers have been trying to unlock the secrets hidden within dreams since the start of time, and they still do not know why we dream or the purpose of dreaming.

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