The 5 Best Supplements for Skin Care

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The 5 Best Supplements for Skin Care

Vitamin A 

Vitamin A
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Both the lower and upper layers of skin must-have vitamin A. It helps prevent sun damage by disrupting the process that breaks down collagen formation.

As it is an antioxidant, it can give your skin protection against sunburn. In addition, it assists the oil glands around the hair follicles work and can also help cuts heal, particularly if you are taking steroids to help reduce inflammation. It is one of the best supplements for skincare.

Vitamin C

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“C” is for collagen: Vitamin C aids in protein which helps hold its shape. It’s also a potent antioxidant. It protects you from free radicals and lowers your chance of getting skin cancer. Having low vitamin C levels can cause bleeding gums and easy bruising, as well as slow down the healing of sores.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

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This anti-inflammatory and antioxidant can absorb the energy from UV light, it can damage skin, and it can lead to wrinkles, sagging, as well as skin cancer. However, along with vitamin C, it will help strengthen cell walls. It works great for skin care.


Zinc Quercetin

The outermost layer of human skin has five times more zinc than the layer underneath. It helps your skin heal faster after an injury. In addition, it is needed to keep cell walls strong and for cells to divide and specialize when they grow.

This mineral can protect skin from UV damage as it behaves with other metals in your body, such as copper and iron. Zinc also acts as an antioxidant.


Bronson Selenium
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Selenium can help some antioxidants protect you from UV rays. However, selenium deficiency is linked to a greater chance of getting skin cancer. The antioxidant effects work well for skincare.

Food and Supplements

Generally, vegetables and fruits are great choices as they are full of skin-friendly vitamins as well as other antioxidants.

Some food is packed full of more than just one nutrient for your skin, and it can often help them work better:

  • Dark leafy greens (spinach, kale, collards): vitamins A, C, and E; omega-3s; protein and selenium
  • Eggs: vitamins A and E, protein, selenium, and zinc
  • Fish (sardines, salmon, tuna): omega-3s, protein, selenium
  • Flaxseeds: selenium, omega-3s
  • Extra virgin olive oil: vitamin E, healthy fats
  • Avocados: healthy fats, vitamins C and E
  • Legumes (chickpeas, lentils): protein, zinc

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