5 Vegetables You Should Never Eat Raw

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Everyone knows that vegetables are a part of a well-balanced, healthy diet. But, like broccoli, carrots, and peppers, many are better for you when taken raw.

Although, some vegetables can make you very ill if you cook them wrong. So, what vegetables should you cook for them to be healthier?

The Following are the Top 5 Vegetables you Shouldn’t Eat Raw:


They may not be considered a vegetable; mushrooms are one of those foods you should always cook before consuming. As most mushrooms from the store will usually only cause mild symptoms if taken raw, cooking them will bring out most of the flavour and nutrients. However, wild mushrooms are a much different situation. You must be 100% certain you know the type of mushroom you have; you should not eat them cooked or raw. The possibility of death is not worth the risk.

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans have a chemical named phytohaemagglutinin that can lead to severe nausea and puking even in tiny doses. The toxin makes up about 1% of the uncooked kidney bean, and as little as four kidney beans are enough to cause issues. Although boiling these vegetables will remove these toxins, always throw out the water afterward to ensure you do not eat anything you should not.


These berries help make up a healthy diet, but they will lead to issues if you do not cook them beforehand. Elderberries have lectins that can cause diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting when consumed raw. In addition, when elderberries come from the wild, they also include a type of cyanide that is very dangerous in large amounts. Like other foods, boiling them removes toxins and makes them safe to eat.


Potatoes are the most popular vegetables, but they can be dangerous taken raw. Potatoes contain solanine, it can be fatal with a large enough quantity, but you would have to eat a massive number of raw potatoes to get close to a lethal level. Also, overeating raw potatoes can make you feel sick, so it is best to cook them thoroughly.


Cassava has a high amount of cyanide that can lead to low iodine levels, severe nausea, and in dangerous circumstances, immobility or death. These vegetables also contain trace metals and pesticides because they readily absorb pollutants when they grow. Although a thorough boiling of them will remove all of these toxins from the vegetable, be sure to throw out the water afterward to avoid drinking any dangerous chemicals.

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