The Psychology of Road Rage

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Our world is overrun with inconsiderate people who hurry to go nowhere with a case of road rage.

If you are running that late, try waking up and leaving earlier. If not, quit the excuses.

We are a bunch of bi-polar hairless apes, swerving in and out of traffic, honking, tailgating while flipping the bird, fuming red as you are yelling at that older person doing half the speed limit, as you falsely believe they can hear you.

I see this with people with road rage: angry assholes who are so unhappy within their own lives that they feel it necessary to spread their hatred upon fellow drivers to make them feel as bad or worse than they are.’

These all may be reasons as to why we rage behind the wheel, but this is the foundation as to why road rage is so common:

When we travel in our vehicles at high-speed rates (or even just at city speed limits), our bodies are aware we are going faster than possible.

Although our minds don’t realize how fast we travel, it triggers the brain’s flight or fight response.

When driving, our bodies know we are going fast, and it starts the flight response in the triune brain, specifically the oldest reptilian part, known as the: amygdala.

The following and only other response that can be carried out is the fight response, as the flight is already in action. So, out of instinct, now when that fuck head cuts you off, it’s an automatic flight reaction – road rage assholes.


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Dean Mathers


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