CIA Introduced Swine Flu in Cuba

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The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officials, operatives linked to anti-Castro terrorists in 1971 presented the African swine flu virus into Cuba.

About six weeks later, the swine flu caused the slaughter of over half a million pigs in hopes of preventing a Cuba-wide animal epidemic.

A CIA member told Newsday he was given the virus in an unmarked, sealed container at a CIA training ground and Untied States Army base on the Panama Canal Zone, with specific commands to hand it over to the anti-Castro group.

CIA Introduced Swine Flu in Cuba

It was the only time the disease hit the Western Hemisphere; it was called the “most alarming event” of 1971 by the United Nations (UN).

African swine flu is very contagious and often is a lethal viral disease that infects only pigs and cannot be transferred to humans.

The contained virus was then given to personnel in the Canal Zone.

They then took it by boat and handed it over to a fishing boat off the Panama coast.

The disclosed source claimed that the substance was not identified until some months after the swine flu outbreak in Cuba.

Another unidentified person was involved in the operation, a Cuban exile who was asked never to be identified no matter the circumstance.

He said he was on the fishing boat when the swine flu virus was put aboard at the point off Bocas del Toro, Panama.

It was rumoured that the fisherman took the swine flu virus to Navassa Island, a small, deserted, U.S.-owned Island between Haiti and Jamaica.

How the Swine Flu Virus Took Over Cuba

The swine flu virus was then taken to Cuba.

According to the fisherman’s boat source that carried the virus over, it was handed over to other operatives near Guantanamo Bay at the end of March.

Guantanamo Bay is about 100 miles due north of Navassa.

The source from the boat had been trained by the Central Intelligence Agency and had done missions in the past for the agency.

However, he claimed that he saw no CIA officials aboard the boat that hand-delivered the swine flu virus to the ship off Panama, but had said that “We were well paid for this, and Cuban exile groups don’t have that kind of money.”

The source said he was handing over this information.

He is a member of an exile group that the United States is also investigating because they are linked to terrorist activity in Florida.

Another CIA member from Miami also confirmed this.

He said they had no proof that it was ever approved by the CIA top officials out of Washington but had said, “In a case like this, though, they would always give them (CIA officials in Washington) plausible deniability.”

The examination was called to by the operator on the boat that involved a federal investigation into terrorist acts that were said to be carried out by Cuban exiles.

That would also include assassination attempts and bombings in Venezuela and the United States.

Initially taught by the Central Intelligence Agency for actions against Cuba, the exiles have become more agitated as they view what they believe to be an increasing move toward reconciliation between the United States and Fidel Castro.

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