Robot Farms

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A new “hands-free” innovative farm is being produced where robots do all the work, and no human labourers are required. It was invented by Australia’s Charles Sturt University (CSU) called robot farms.

Most food we consume comes from farms, and with the population growth, more food is needed.

Although a ton of work must get done around a farm, lots of farmers are having issues finding labourers. Labour shortages have been a massive problem in farms throughout the developing world.

Robot Farms

AI and Robots may help fix the labour shortages, and they can do the same jobs as their human counterparts. The technology may also aid farmers in optimizing their farming operations, producing as much food on the land as possible.

“It shouldn’t be too many years before tech will remove farmers from their fields and immerse them in the tech world of AI, robotics, and automation,” said researchers from the Food Agility research center. The robot farms can run 24 hours a day as of course robots don’t need sleep.

The New Smart Farm

Together, Food Agility and CSU have created the Global Digital Farm (GDF) to prove how much these technologies can aid farmers.

The CSU’s Wagga Wagga campus will be the site for the innovative farm. It will feature autonomous tractors, harvesters, other farming robotics, artificial intelligence programs created to aid farm management and much more.

Food Agility and CSU want to use the farm tech to teach farmers in Australia how to use it and take full advantage of it.

Niall Blair, professor of food sustainability at CSU, said, “This unique and ambitious plan will help Australia’s primary industries workforce with the tech and knowledge in vital fields like machine learning, remote sensing, cybersecurity, data analytics, and geospatial mapping.”

Robot farms can do it better than their human counterparts.

The robots and artificial intelligence systems could work around the clock and wouldn’t have to take breaks and sleep like their human counterparts.

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